Larger ladies and married men 'more likely to have sex on a first date

It’s all about shape: A dating website survey found its larger female members and ‘athletic’ men were more likely to hop into bed on a first date

female chart

Those who spent time in bars were more inclined to have first-date sex, unlike those who liked cycling

male chart

The survey found that those who were married were more likely to have sex on a first date

The fact that fat chicks are easy is not new news.

of course not but the charts are interesting.

Sexperienced is on a role lately telling us shit we already know.

Stop the press! Must alert the world immediately!

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but did you know that tall women are also more likely to put out on the first date?.. i thought not:coffee:

Yeah, I’ve dated a few. Women for some reason think if they are taller than normal that means they will be unloved, so they go into “easy” mode to quickly snatch up a dude. I think it’s an intimidation factor, some men can’t handle a lady taller than them so go rejection heavy.

Old women thing is true as well, older married women though is a different story.

obviously Married men are going to put out on the first date. If they are dating then its obvious they are looking for sex outside of their marriage.

By large, do they mean big boobs or fatties

I’m sure we can all trust the results of a non-scientific survey from a random online dating site.

Oh wait …

amazon hoes are what’s really good.

I also heard that bigger chicks do crazier things while in dem sheets.

^ again, it goes with the same mentality that they feel they need to put in a little extra spice to keep the man around because they think if they didn’t they would be rejected due to their size

really? its says women above 5’9, which is one of the requirements needed to become a model, (not saying all tall women look like models but taller women generally look better than smaller chicks imo)… and taller women generally prefer taller men so i dont see how that works out.

It becomes they are fat and never get laid, so as soon as they seen a shot they go for it. It’s the same reason they’ll do ANYTHING in bed (not that I know :rolleyes:)

Self conscious thing, at least in most cases I see. Super models don’t care because for one, they are Super Models and two, have tons of cash. Not every tall chick is automatically a goddess.

confirmed from personal experience and correct!

but what kind of dumbfuck moron married man uses an online dating site? wow talk about just asking to get screwed over, and not in a good way either.

You realize that there is a huge website designed just for that purpose, right? They have several million members.

I feel like “mix race” should be placed higher.

of course big bitches love the loving…umm snoo snoo anyone?