Largest EBOLA outbreak in History - State of Emergency in Sierra Leone, West Africa


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Health Officials: No Ebola Outbreak in U.S., but We’re Prepping Anyway
CDC and WHO are trying to contain the outbreak in West Africa and are ready if it hits the U.S., where one case has been confirmed.

Some choice quotes:

Yeah its a real death wish once it gets going. Read about this like 10 years ago, in some Novel actually, The Hot Zone

There’s specifics to quarantines at major airport centers/hospitals nearby, but not too much about what is going to be done if someone is on your flight with Ebola. Other than some assurances that someone starting to show symptoms to be contagious, shouldn’t be feeling well enough to travel.

A cyclist from the area was stopped, quarantined and checked out in the UK there:

4 days of quarantine, damn.

Queue your Walking dead stuff out of Atlanta.


The Apocalypse has started.


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That 2nd link was more informative to answer questions like

How many people currently are infected? about 1,300+

Why is this the biggest, and hardest to slow down outbreak.

It happened before in much smaller villages, now its hitting major cities, with the resources - those medical teams and first responders sent in to help combat this threat are spread thin among more places.


Stop eating fucking bushmeat

I watched a documentary about this. People there legit believe the disease doesn’t even exist.


Ebola is the reason I laugh when people whine about how bad HIV/AIDS is.


As long as something is worse you can laugh about something technically better.

Complaining about getting stabbed in the lung lol, try getting both your legs cut off.


I heard when the Russians tried to get rid of anthrax, they just buried it in chlorine and bleach. And it survived.

Ebola isn’t a pretty disease. But fuck (lol) how is it that the world feels it’s okay to get involved in certain countries business when it’s profitable, but Africa, which needs serious help, well that just gets exploited. It’s a shame that it takes a fucking Ebola outbreak to realize it’s time to help a little better, perhaps.

Got damn, can you imagine this shit happening ANYWHERE else?


no ones gonna help em …meanwhile the uffkin border is gaping like bad porn sites…ever had your shit pushed out your nose? its bout to get real “kill your neighbor” in no time, and you cant go to the ocean cause its got radiation you cant leave the country cause they take the planes down …these mfkkas wanna get us , in a bad way…guns bullets and friends thats what we need


That applies to your ‘leaving America for Canada’ cry for attention. Take your own words to heart here and see if they apply to yourself and your complaints which might amount to nothing once you cool off, or think it over some more, since it doesn’t sound like you’re ready to move, and need to be convinced and whatever

Since its off topic, putting it in here - make an on topic post though instead of a reply here, we don’t need to be negative and have a spat instead of posts about the issues going on out there

[details=Spoiler]It doesn’t sound like you know much about either country, and definitely haven’t looked at Canada at all.

Like thats the pipe dream, topic of the day talk about on the Internet people do a lot, empty threat at best right?, vaguely with no details about your country being so bad for you, “1st world problems,”

since the people who have the means to pack up and move to a new country just do it, right? but if you’re starting in Florida or something, at least start by getting the fuck out of there!

So I forgot that its not done with once the person dies, as a host. Anyone handling the body can still be infected due to the fluids, and fucking ebola liquifies you. Whether or not that was some of that book over the top stuff fiction, yeah these dudes treating patients might need full enclosure helmets or at least goggles not just full body scrubs from those photos. Vomit, not listed as a way of transfer among everything else, for some reason, but that article was quick to put up, had some [sic] in the typo of the guy’s first quote about the biggest outbreak ‘of’ all time.

Then what happens to a doctor that needs to switch out and can’t just overwork and exhaust himself. Like get rest/food, in a non-quarantined area. A weakened immune system from exhaustion would help the virus get to work on their body.

The news making more of the 2 American peace corps or doctors or something. One person out of the 2 would get some treatment, the guy gives it up to the lady. And quickly touching on the major airports that “are prepared.” Its probably best not to freak anyone out in Atlanta though with when that patient is touching down.


Here’s the part Soviet meant:

That was covered in the article, right before the stats and countries affected. Same paragraph.
I cut it out for space, but knowing where it comes from could be pretty important if you didn’t already know, my bad.

That wild game angle is also new to me. The book covers the bat guano as the outbreak cause.


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If Africa dies of Ebola then who will SWBeta rule over? #savethedarkpeoples


holy shit i always had “visit africa” on my bucket list but i dunno ebola ain’t nothing to fuck with. i read “hot zone” as a kid, and that shit was terrifying. ebola does not fuck around, it will cause massive internal bleeding and then you die. lets just hope they get their quarantine shit together. because all it would take is for ONE carrier to board an airplane, and then the entire world is fucked. Also if the virus evolves to go airborne, we are also fucked.