Larget minority presence on SRK?

My opinion: Always bet on black…

You don’t understand… on SRK, white is the minority…


Im black but pastrami on rye is the shit.

Holy crap the pastrami people are growing stronger every year.

wouldn’t it have been better to ask what minority everyone belongs to instead of asking what group we think is the largest?

Edit: Although for some reason I would agree it just feels like there’s more black people. No reason why, just a feeling.

This topic is dumb.

well, i mean i thought it would be more interesting to find which ethnicity is “believed” to be in largest numbers…
lke most of you, i believe unr will win any regardless of what i asked…

lol even in africa blacks seem like a minority…in fuckin africa!

it depends on your definition of larget…

there are so many black people on this forum

Smart people.


Yes, but we are minority WITH POWER.

There’s a difference… :wink:

About 95% black.

Whya are SRK’ers black?:confused:

I’m just gonna say latino cuz I’m one.

What about people who are originally from India ?


holy shit