Lariat - Chipping to win?



hi there,

would be intrested wath you think in a professanal way if its save to chipdamage with lariats PPP/KKK sometime in battles i hafe the feeling that when i use the pushback of the 2. chipdamage im save enugh to use it to deal a good amount of damage against my enemy (60dmg from 2 hits) even if the enemy can punish with a knockdown maybe a good choice if the enemy is quite low on helth ELF;Akuma;Viper

wath do you think is it possible to execute it save enugh against some charakters? and how do you use the pushback?

as excamle i use it sometimes on sagat there is no save way as faar as i can see for sagat to punish the lariat if you use PPP/KKK and change your movement while spinning and chipping one punish is save if you move after the 1. chip backward but will result in a knockdown if you move forwar and after the 2. chip backward and so on so there is no universall overall punishment and the enemy may althou recive a knockdown instead of punishing thats my thinking at the moment and since zangief will hafe much more from a knockdown then the enemy it seems worth to gamble! specialy the knee followup with lk and lariat in combo seem quite save to me


They can just mash out ultra and you’re done.


actualy no… sagats ryus and much else ultra just wiff or get punished if a blocked lariat would be a free ultra it would be zangiefs death beside that a ultra is not always there…


If only Zangief had attacks that work on a blocking opponent.

Oh well OOOOORRRRRYAAAAAH does 60 damage, pushes opponent back into sagat roundhouse/neutral jump roundhouse range at huge frame disadvantage


Ive used it when the chip will kill them, otherwise its a TERRIBLE IDEA.
Zangeif has more options for what to do to a blocking opponent than anyone else and you choose chip them for virtually no damage? How about dash to command throw? How about tick throw? how about a crossup?


Only tall characters get hit by lariat while they’re ducking and for the ones that do get hit, all they have to do is ex DP/something that goes through lariat.

I’ve used it to chip, but only because the other person panicked and didn’t do anything

In tournament play, people will see a free combo if you throw out lariat like that.


Chipping is a great idea if it will kill the opponent. I tend to use ex green hand for chip because its two hits do about as much damage as two hits of a lariat while also being much safer. The hits of ex hand don’t have any time in between them where the opponent can reversal, unlike with lariat. You can also do buffered standing short xx ex hand to safely chip from far away (assuming the short itself is safe to do); if the toe touches, the ex hand comes out, and if the toe doesn’t touch, there’s no ex hand. By contrast, with lariat you have to be really close already. If your opponent’s character can’t do anything about point-blank lariat, then that’s great, but otherwise I think ex hand is a better choice.


yes zangief is a powerful char and his ex hand ship is great unfortunatley if the opponent is like have way down its pretty risky because thats a free combo for them


It seems like half the time I buffer EX GH into s.LK, the GH comes out regardless of whether the s.LK connects or how fast I try to do it. I’m kinda curious to see if it’d be any different in the arcade and PS3 versions.

@Shayanish: Well yeah, we’re going on the assumption that you’re doing this when it’d kill your opponent if they blocked it.


I actually won quite a lot of matches by chip damage
usually I change my tactics from the moment I see that chipping will get me a win
setting up a EX chiphand is a lot easier and safer than your “regular” tactics


honda can’t do shit against that in the corner…

ex head butt? forget about it,
buttslam? nope
super/ultra? har har i wish

good tactic for zangief against honda is to just get him in that damn corner, cuts out a lot of his options. but… beware of that f.fierce!


lariat doesn’t go through ex butt slam does it?


I don’t think it does, honda usually manages to bypass and buttslam you. Unless you do a quick lariat, maybe.


Hondas got some corner options… neutral jump attacks come to mind, at least as a way to get some space.