Lariats Rage has Awakened: A Creative Zangief Combo video by me





fadc dash in ultra is not a good setup that dash in is slow and highly punishable.


After ?Renegade? forgot who exactly mentioned that the only normal Gief has thats FADC-able is his c.fp, I found that I could ‘randomly’ and more so against charge characters do splash c.fp FADC foward - throw of choice (EX SPD is best option IMO because the dash is so slow). Uses less meter and after a nEXGH people are expecting to counter, better to use that FADC meter to back out IMO hehe.

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Srry…but thank you for the advice…its just that some people wouldn’t see it coming and would forget to jump out of the ultra…thats why i thought it might be a good setup…but everyone is entitled to their own opinions


But I’m just wondering…did you like this combo video…I know that ultra setup is a disappointment…but do ya think I did a good job with the combo video…I’m just tryna get some opinions, thats all…


i would advise that u never do any of these combos in matches. occasionally i’ll finish a combo with a but u should be finishing combos with or maybe sometimes depending on the situation.


Many of my friends have told me this…but like it says in the title…its a creative combo video…so it was for shits and giggles…


Tho I agree its not a set up that would work more times than it wouldn’t, if you use Ultra 2 you could do the mp. FADC dash and buffer air 720 people would more likely jump if you do that unless there sleeping but its just a random mix up I suppose… I’m gonna try it :bgrin:


I’m going to go against the grain and disagree.

EXGH is a better combo ender than lariat for a couple reasons, namely distance, damage, and easier timing (well for me EXGH is easier than lariat to time off…however…

What if there is no meter in your collection? Your fighting, say Sagat or Sim, and you’ve finally cracked your way in and your out of EX stock, or for sake of the match-up and maintaining a threat in fear of losing that melee range, you want to maintain a stock. They throw an ill-advised fireball than you time a body splash on. You can go for something like splash c.jabx4 s.strong, or you can do one of the comboes showed - into lariat ender. (there is also the option of ticks - which are a little predictable if you have no meter) The result…A KNOCKDOWN, allowing you to start Gie’fs oki/mix-up game. What does a ender do? You might eek a smidgin more on damage on a longer combo, but you’ve not produced a knockdown, and you’ve pushed the opponenet out of range of all but like 3 attacks - all of which are punishable onsite.

So…yes EXGH is the best combo ender…but I’d take lariat over if EXGH is un-available.

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I’m not even sure how to do a lariat :confused:


zomg aquasilk D:

Yeah, doesn’t seem like you ever use lariat :stuck_out_tongue:


all 3 kicks button does quick lariat…all 3 punch’s button does double lariat


ooh, thanks!


Sick, hopefully Aqua will practice the lariat move and pull it off next time he’s on a stream


Haha :d


:coffee: you guys are terrible…


pfft. How about that lariat FADC EXGH:D


Well this combo vid was meant only for lariat to be the final hit of the combo…and that combo you mentioned is in zangief’s trials…soo yea


and no prb, and your gief combo vid from the original street fighter 4 is epicly amazing…im tryna practice the combo where you do the splash, 2 cr.lp,, 1 (or more), EXGH…but the timing is difficult to do for the into the…but im tryin though…


these comments are funnnnny