Larry's Comics SSFIV Tourney - Lowell, Massachusetts - Friday, Dec 17th


There’s going to be a tournament in Lowell, MA on Friday December 17th. Props to Noobtron for getting it setup with Larry, the owner of the store.

Noobtron found out that Jim Zubkavich, one of the founders of UDON comics, is going to be at Larry’s Comics he decided to throw a tournament that same night.

Here’s the info:

Larry’s Comics
68 Lakeview Avenue
Lowell, MA 01850

  • SSFIV Singles Tournament at 8:00 PM on XBOX360
  • $5 Dollar Venue Fee
  • $10 Dollar Singles Tourney Fee
  • Payout is 70/20/10

Larry Comics Press Release Regarding this Event!

Make sure to RSVP to the Facebook Event ;]

Let me know if you guys need more info. Other than that, come out and enjoy playing SSFIV in a comic book store.



Good shit, thanks for posting this up tom!


So NEC this weekend, Superbowl the 12th, and then this? nice.


Also, Victors bubble tea tournament the 11th in RI. i’m gonna be broke.


Shaping up to be a good month !!!

Anyone can invite anyone so spread the word guys thanks so much

Man i wish i could attend NEC, I will be watching and rooting you guys on with mad dog in hand hahaha


I might go to that bubble tea one just because of my insane love for bubble tea.

Note: Ninety-Nine99, the restaurant sells the fakest bubble tea ever.


Are any pro players are gonna attend to this tournament?


Yea I’m going to that too. It’s terrific and I’ll say that I like the ‘bubble tea’ at the 99s but yea it’s not even bubble tea lol

Top players from NE are probably going to come down. I don’t know what constitutes someone as a pro player, Justin Wong probably since he’s the only guy who has a salary for playing this game. I’m getting too literal.


im in there and i’ll bring a setup

why are you concerned with pro players showing up?


ill be there. do you want me to bring a set up? and will there be team tourney after?


i can’t wait for a rematch cp. its been a while since ive been to a tournament, in fact the souper bowl was my last one. but ill be there with a fucking vengeance. :slight_smile:


Go get’em sisco!


Yeah, i think we are going to be all set with Xboxes thus far, however if you have an extra crt tv kicking aorund let me know, i will eb talkign to a few more people tonight in regards so i will let everyone knwo what teh situation is tommorow, trhanks guys !