Lars Combo Thread

Special Moves
Silent Entry : QCF+K

  • Lightning Thrust : P (link after Silent Entry)
  • Rising Storm : K (link after Silent Entry)

Lightning Screw : SRK+K

Dynamic Entry : QCF+P
–** Mjölnir : cr.P** (link after Dynamic Entry)
–** Lock & Load : P** (link after Dynamic Entry)
—** Double Barrel : P** (link after Lock & Load)

Avalanche Stomp : QCB+K

Super Art
Zeus : QCF+3P

Cross Rush & Tag Launcher Mid-Screen Combo
Cross Rush /or/ Tag Launcher, mk,,–Rising Storm [tag cancel]
Cross Rush /or/ Tag Launcher, mk,,–Lightning Thrust
Cross Rush /or/ Tag Launcher, hp– [tag cancel]
Cross Rush /or/ Tag Launcher, (late)hp–ex.Dynamic Entry–L&L–Double Barrel [tag cancel]
Cross Rush /or/ Tag Launcher, (late)hp–ex.Dynamic Entry–L&L–Double Barrel, Lightning Thrust
Cross Rush /or/ Tag Launcher, mk,,–Zeus
Cross Rush /or/ Tag Launcher, mk,,–Cross Arts

Cross Rush & Tag Launcher Corner Combo
Cross Rush /or/ Tag Launcher,,, hp–Rising Storm [tag cancel]
Cross Rush /or/ Tag Launcher,,,, hp–Lightning Thrust
Cross Rush /or/ Tag Launcher,, cr.hp, hp–Lightning Thrust
Cross Rush /or/ Tag Launcher, cr.hp,, hp–Lightning Thrust
Cross Rush /or/ Tag Launcher,,, hp– [tag cancel]
Cross Rush /or/ Tag Launcher, cr.hp, hp– [tag cancel]
Cross Rush /or/ Tag Launcher, cr.hp, hp–Zeus
Cross Rush /or/ Tag Launcher, cr.hp, hp–Cross Arts

Rising Storm Mid-Screen Combo
Rising Storm,, cr.hp(1st hit)–Rising Storm [269dmg] [tag cancel]
Rising Storm,, cr.hp(1st hit)–Lightning Thrust [290dmg]
Rising Storm, hp– [300dmg] [tag cancel]
Rising Storm, mk /or/ mp,,–Lightning Thrust [312dmg]
Rising Storm, (late)hp–ex.Dynamic Entry–L&L–Double Barrel [325dmg] [tag cancel]
Rising Storm, (late)hp–ex.Dynamic Entry–L&L–Double Barrel, Lightning Thrust [385dmg]
Rising Storm, ex.Lightning Screw, hp–Rising Storm [325dmg] [tag cancel]
Rising Storm, ex.Lightning Screw, hp– [376dmg] [tag cancel]
Rising Storm, hp–ex.Lightning Screw, hp–Lightning Thrust [395dmg]
Rising Storm, mk /or/ mp,,–Zeus [459dmg]
Rising Storm, mk /or/ mp,,–Cross Arts
ex.Rising Storm, hp–,, cr.hp(1st hit)–Rising Storm [361dmg] [tag cancel]
ex.Rising Storm, hp–,, cr.hp(1st hit)–Lightning Thrust [379dmg]
ex.Rising Storm, hp–, hp– [387dmg] [tag cancel]
ex.Rising Storm, hp–, hp–Zeus [523dmg]
ex.Rising Storm, hp–,, cr.hp(1st hit)–Zeus [526dmg]

Rising Storm Corner Combo
Rising Storm,,, hp–Rising Storm [315dmg] [tag cancel]
Rising Storm,,,, hp–Lightning Thrust [354dmg]
Rising Storm,, cr.hp, hp–Lightning Thrust [357dmg]
Rising Storm, cr.hp,, hp–Lightning Thrust [363dmg]
Rising Storm,,, hp– [351dmg] [tag cancel]
Rising Storm, cr.hp, hp– [357dmg] [tag cancel]
Rising Storm, cr.hp, hp–Zeus [493dmg]
Rising Storm, cr.hp, hp–Cross Arts
ex.Rising Storm, hp–,, hp–Rising Storm [375dmg] [tag cancel]
ex.Rising Storm, hp–,,, hp–Lightning Thrust [414dmg]
ex.Rising Storm, hp–,, hp– [411dmg] [tag cancel]
ex.Rising Storm, hp–,, hp–Zeus [540dmg]

ex.Lightning Thrust (Crumple Hit) Mid-Screen & Corner Combo
ex.Lightning Thrust, Rising Storm, (All Rising Storm Combo)

ex.Lightning Screw Mid-Screen Combo
ex.Lightning Screw, hp–, hp–Rising Storm [325dmg] [tag cancel]
ex.Lightning Screw, hp–,, cr.hp(1st hit)–Lightning Thrust [359dmg]
ex.Lightning Screw, hp–, hp– [367dmg] [tag cancel]
ex.Lightning Screw, hp–, hp–Zeus [503dmg]

ex.Lightning Screw Corner Combo
ex.Lightning Screw, (1step back),, hp–Rising Storm [295dmg] [tag cancel]
ex.Lightning Screw, (1step back),,, hp–Lightning Thrust [343dmg]
ex.Lightning Screw, (1step back), cr.hp, hp–Lightning Thrust [346dmg]
ex.Lightning Screw, (1step back),, hp– [358dmg] [tag cancel]
ex.Lightning Screw, (1step back),, hp–Zeus [473dmg]
the mid-screen combo can also be done in the corner but the 1½ step back timing is too tricky, and if you past beyond that timing and spacing anything after HP–qcf.LK will be to late to connect!

Dynamic Entry Mid-Screen Combo
hp.Dynamic Entry,,–hp–Cross Rush [242dmg]
hp.Dynamic Entry,,–hp+hk (Tag Launcher) [203dmg]
hp.Dynamic Entry,,–lp.Dynamic Entry–Lock & Load–Double Barrel [284dmg]
hp.Dynamic Entry,,–lp.Dynamic Entry–Mjölnir, cr.hp(1st hit)–Tag Cancel [279dmg]
hp.Dynamic Entry,,–lp.Dynamic Entry–Mjölnir, cr.hp(1st hit)–Lightning Thrust [317dmg]
hp.Dynamic Entry,,–lp.Dynamic Entry–Mjölnir, hk.Lightning Screw [309dmg] [tag cancel]
combos from the the top start to this line : can be also used in corner
hp.Dynamic Entry,,–lp.Dynamic Entry–Lock & Load,–Rising Storm [300dmg] [tag cancel]
hp.Dynamic Entry,,–lp.Dynamic Entry–Lock & Load,–Lightning Thrust [312dmg]
hp.Dynamic Entry,,–lp.Dynamic Entry–Lock & Load,–Zeus [434dmg]
hp.Dynamic Entry,,–lp.Dynamic Entry–Lock & Load,–Cross Arts
hp.Dynamic Entry,,–ex.Dynamic Entry–L&L–DB, Rising Storm, hk.Lightning Screw [374dmg] [tag cancel]
hp.Dynamic Entry,,–ex.Dynamic Entry–L&L–DB, Rising Storm, hp–Lightning Thrust [380dmg]

sweet a combo thread

more normal links

cr.lp, cr.lp, cr.hp, cr.lp, cr.hp
cr,lk,, cr.hp, cr.hp

not sure if this does more damage but after a silent entry rising storm i do, cr,hp

Also note after a rising storm cr.hp lightning screw works for the strong tag cancel

one of my favcombos is, cr.hp, qcf k~k, cr.hp, ex lightning screw, st.hp, qcf k~p

well for now i just wanna put in Lars single combo
maybe later on we will put in some of his combo extension

right now I just do Cross up Mk, if it hits I do CR MP, CR MP CR MK dynamic entry then follow ups.

thanks for these man, been having trouble =)

Include far :hk: into normal links. It has enough frame advantage on hit to link cr.:mk: or cr.:hk:.

Ridiculous button.

Omg Thanks Guys! I will hit the dojo with these :slight_smile:

Thanks for this info guys. I always practice these combos in the lab

Wow ok I’ve got some hard combos I’m trying to do to see if I cam squeeze more damage out of Lars here is what I think is possible,

Midscreen, cr.hp, dynamic entry M or H,, dynamic entry L, mjolnir, lightning screw
( instead of lightning screw a cr.hp, silent entry~p may work better.)

Corner, cr.hp, dynamic entry M or H,, dynamic entry l, lock and load, cr.hp,, cr.hp, silent entry~p

I tried to do these but it’s very hard and couldn’t land it. However I have a feeling these are strong combos.
Anyone wanna try???

OMG man that shit was hard as fuck! For the midscreen combo. Took me about 12-15 tries but yeah I did it . Hardest part for me was landing the second because I wasn’t p-linking the but when it did p-link it help and It did 306 in damage though…I haven’t tried the corner one yet but yeah that midscreen one was tough

EDIT: Oh yeah I couldn’t do lightning screw. Found it hard to do so i did cr.hp xx silent entry p

those combo are not new to me
i have some more advanced 1frame link combo from lars
i just didn’t put it in cuz i think its useless on how extremely hard the execution is, plus lag inputs on online play

but yeah that combo works
the open window for lightning screw after mjolnir is more less than 1frame, the best way to execute this is you use negative edge and properly buffered srk in the end of mjolnir frames, i pulled it out 3/5

even like after ex.lightning thrust, the open window (frame time) for far :hk: or even :d::hp: is ridiculous

Strongest corner combo I’ve found after L&L is c.MP, c.MP, s.HP xx MK/HK Lightning Screw (MK is better for switch cancelling - more float time)

And if Mjolnir > Lightning Screw really is a 1f link then there’s no reason to use it over L&L > c.MK xx SE~ ___. You’re just wasting damage for a combo that’s equally as difficult. Doing MK Lightning Screw instead of HK after Mjolnir feels easier to me, and I can do it consistently. But really the only time I ever go for DE combos is when I can’t link into a c.HP > SE.

Also IMO it’s just not worth going for the MP/HP DE combos. Here’s a damage comparison of two combos, one using MP DE.

j.HP, s.HP xx MP DE, c.MP xx DE ~ L&L, c.MK xx SE ~ P [390] 8 hits
j.HP, s.HP xx SE ~ K, c.MP, c.MP, c.MK xx SE ~ P [394] 7 hits

The second combo is not only more damaging, but kinder on damage scaling (if you’re extending it) and much more practical. Both of these combos can be started the same ways, through c.HP, s.HK or s.HP.

The two reasons I can think of going for MP/HP DE instead of SE ~ K is for better corner carry or for comboing into a launcher.

Well im glad someon checked that combo for me I’m thinking it may be one of his better meterless combos because it has good wall carry, is very damaging and haS gooD options at the end. However it is difficult to perform but with practice it should become easy. I also would like to note that if u don’t follow up the second dynamic entry you can go for a mixup with several of Lars moves like a crossup ex avalanche or a crossup As for doing lightning screw at the end I find that moljnir gives plenty of time to double tap the lightning screw for a higher success rate.

This particular combo is surprisingly useful despite it’s technical difficulty.

Anyone got something better/more damaging/useful for a meterless???
Xiahou thats hou… lol couldnt resist.

Anybody knows how many frames is the link for after DE? And after L&L?

feels like 1 haha. W/O frame data we dont really know i guess. Some guy says hes trying to get a full list of frames.

DE depends on the strength, light version has the fewest advantage frames while hard version has the most. L&L has consistently the same frame advantage after getting a character off the ground (I think).

Medium and hard DE allow for the cr. mp link but i dont think the light version of DE has enough advantage (if any)

Yeah I believe it’s it 1f. Funny you said that Hp dynamic entry has the most frame advantage because when I was going that combo you wanted to try out I had a harder time connecting after mp dynamic entry than I did with the hp dynamic entry. That corner combo you wanted to try I can’t get the cr.hp after lock & loaded. I wonder though how much it does though…maybe ill try it again.

Good info sry if it seemed i was ignoring ur post…
Ya the combo u posted is all around better damage and scaling wise but im trying to figure out a strong way to implement DE in combos. DE leaves lars for good mixups as Ive stated. Idk just trying to work something here.

Ok here we go. I wonder how much this will do???
Edit: damn this wont work…
Dynamic entry H,, dynamic entry L, Lock and Load, silent entry ~k,, cr hp, silent entry~p.
Edit2: but this will!
Dynamic entry H,, EX Dynamic entry, cr.hp, dynamic entry H,, Dynamic entry L, L&L,, silent entry~p

holy heck… the wall carry on this [S]meterless[/S] has got to be insane.

Well I just figured it was going to be that way with DE. feels that way.

Try to p-link the cr.hp after lock and load. Then p-link another cr hp and cancel the first hit.

Glad to have someone try out my combos… No time and decent execution most of the time is my prob. Damn you lars and your tight links.

From far st.HK hit:
far st.HK -> walk forward a few frames -> cr.MP -> cr.MK xx LP Dynamic Entry, L&L -> cr.MK xx Silent Entry, P. Forgot the damage.

cr.MP after MP/HP DE is afaik 1f link, like others said.

Is the bolded combo corner only? I can’t seem to hit it mid screen.

Walk forward between the two c.MPs.

359 damage and carries almost an entire screen length.

Edit: To the OP, replace all the c.HPs xx Lightning Thrust with s.HP xx Lightning Thrust, and any other corner combos which end with cancelling from a c.HP instead of s.HP.

Also, just an easier way to combo into his c.HP xx Rising Storm would be to use c.LK, c.MP, c.HP instead of c.LK/c.LP, c.HP. c.MP > c.HP is a 2F link and c.LK/c.LP is a 1F link.