Lars combo video; contains high damage combos, tech, potential options



Sup everyone, I’m hoping to help out the Lars section of SFxT with my own input. There’re a couple of Lars players out there, pro or just online players, and people are pretty decent so far. I’m hoping to be quite good and unique, and I’ve figured out a decent amount of combos and tech you can do with him. Some of them are simple, some hella complicated to pull off, but all of them look pretty stylish. Check out this combo vid I made yesterday, you won’t be disappointed (it’s mainly Lars, but Jin’s there too for combo enders and his own specific bits):



These combos are poop and you should feel like poop lol jk

the combos are good. I figured most on my own but I still have trouble comboing the cr.fierce so I just replace that. But I’ll fav this to look back at a later time. GJ


Thanks man, I really appreciate it. I did the same thing; learned the majority of these on my own, but about 20% I’ve seen from other Lars, the few that there are anyway. Utilizing the crouching heavy does take a while to get used to, but it makes a load of sense to me though. Hopefully you’ll get stuff sorted :wink:


I’m gonna pick up Lars so this video helps me a lot. Also great vids on your youtube, I subscribed to you. That pandora video was mind blowing.


Ya really think so? Thanks alot man, glad the video helped and thanks for subbing.


[LEFT]Now that I’ve finally got a new fightpad I was able to get back into the lab and tighten up a few new combos I learned or saw on videos, so I decided to make this new video showing some swag stuff and a couple of damaging combos. Give it a watch and I promise you’ll see something you haven’t seen before =][/LEFT]


I also Main your team (Lars/Jin) aka Jars lol, and I’ve found out Lars/Jin Vortex.

-With a little research, I learned that Jin’s Special Step into Mk(the sweep) can be “OTG’d”. That being said, I tried his special step to mk and tagged lars in right away. I was granted enough time to input a St.HP, which I was able to cancel into a whole lot of other attacks. The really good part about this is that the St. Hp grants a RESET!!
Therefore here’s a list of his abilities that he can cancel into through St. Hp and what they can do.

[]mk/lk Silent Entry - the mk version will cross under your opponent. (be careful as this has a lot of recovery and your opponent can react to this move) and the lk version, basically fakes the crossunder, thus you end up in front of your opponent rather on the other side.
]lk Avalanche Stomp - if you opponent is hitting buttons, use this move, it will guarantee you a hit and stop them from pressing shit.
[]mk Avalanche Stomp - The Anti-Shoryuken, If your opponent shoryukens, your Avalanche will whiff, and you will end up behind your opponent ready to punish their shoryuken. If your opponent doesnt shoryuken, then the avalanche kick will hit.
]etc. Will add more.


Yeah I knew about that, if you press most normals it will reset them which is quite useful, but also if you tag in Lars (off of Jin’s sweep) and do his Light Lightning Screw it combos. Gotta say though, team ‘Jars’ hahaha, I gotta remember that.


cough storm axle crosses people up on the floor so you can do with twice in corner to roll trap. cough takingaslightstepbackwillmakeyounotcrossup buttheanimationisindistinguishable =)


Ah I see, that’s the tricky stuff. Makes sense definitely. Good to see people thinking of some pretty smart oki stuff, I’m a bit too straightforward in my approach so the best I can talk about is straight up combos, haha. I would like to try that out more were it not for the fact that people mash too much and / or the chance of getting Storm Axle anti-aired is very high. It’s good to know though


Does this still work in 2013? From the sound of it they got rid of pretty much all resets/restands etc. It’d be interesting if this still worked. It’s like the Yang mix-ups I use in SF4. :slight_smile:


As a matter of fact, these resets were inspired by my Yang play, but anyways I haven’t checked them out yet. I’ll keep you updated…

update The reset still works!