Lars: Frame Traps and Counter Hit setups

Hey guys, I figured it was about time we dedicated a thread to Lars’ frame traps and counter hit setups.
Since we have the handy-dandy SFxT frame data (courtesy of zUkUu):

These are things that I’ve been personally interested in exploring, since it’s not really something I’ve put much time into in other games.

Notable ones:

cr.HP, cr.MK: 4f gap, should be pushed too far to be hit by 3f jabs/shorts.

f.HK, cl.MK: 1f gap and sets up for more frame traps, since cl.MK is +3f. Good moves after should be:
> f.LP (2f gap)
> f.MP (4f gap)
> f.LK (4f gap)
> cr.LP (1f gap, launchable)
> cr.MP (3f gap, launchable)
> cr.LK (2f gap, launchable)
> cr.MK (5f gap, launchable, should be out of range of quick normals)

cl.MP, f.LP (3f gap)/cr.LP (2f gap)/cr.MP (4f gap)/ cr.LK (3f gap): Lots of options from cl.MP, and most of them combo on hit for a boost chain/link.

That’s all I’m really seeing right now for his normals (in fact it could be all of them lol). So please let me know if you see something that doesn’t work or isn’t reliable so I can edit this post.
Please post any other frame traps or counter hit set ups that you use so I can add them as well.

Also, let me know if this format isn’t clear so I can change that too if needed.