Lars Question and Answer Thread " whitty title soon to come "



Decided a LOT of questions will start to get asked so I felt this was appropriate for now. If this doesn’t get much use Ill just delete it but most character threads have a question thread.

BTW suggest a thread title =)


I’ll ask a question, but it’s more asking for help. I can’t seem to connect 423+P after two crouching mid punches into crouching light kick (maybe it’s midkick but I can’t remember off the top of my head and I know I was doing the right one at the time). Any tips? I seem to get pushed too far away for the kick to connect consistently and when I have connected it I can’t connect with the 423+P. Thoughts?


I don’t think cr.Short works. Cr. Strong, Cr. Strong into Cr.Forward xx Dynamic Entry LP works, though. I don’t think Cr. Short has enough hitstun, Cr. Forward barely works, and typically only does if you cancel within the first active frames (or so it seems).

Yeah, cr.Short (LK) doesn’t work. You must me cr.MP, cr.MP, cr.MK xx Dynamic. You just have to cancel very quickly.


Try to get the qcf out as fast as possible like…before the mk even hits you should have the qcf done.

Oh. And especially on jump ins you can get pushed too far. If you jump in best to go with cl.hp xx dynamic/silent entries. If you just happen to be too far you’re gonna have to drop a and just go to


I’ve tried buffering it before so I think I’m messing the timing up somewhere else. I can consistently get the two crouching mid punches of course. It must be the kick that I’m messing up, then. Nobody else I’ve seen play him seems to have the problem either, lol. He’s a very different character than I’m used to playing so it might just be me looking at the animations too closely. I don’t have the problem with Heihachi’s stuff at all. Back to the lab. Thanks guys.


It isn’t just you. :slight_smile:

That timing in general seems wonky. I can confirm off two Cr.Mps into Rekka, but when I do, Cr.Mp, Cr.Mk into Rekka it hardly ever hits. Perhaps it’s better to do Cr.Mp, Cr.Hp, Rekka/Silent Entry.


When you do cr strong cr strong cr forward xxx l.p. dynamic entry, Double tap jab while doing the qcf motion.

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Btw any suggestions for a catchy title ? I know es like heihachis bastard son and like a spy/Ninja

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There’s nothing you can do to stop me, the Lar’s question and answer thread?


He leads a small army he had break away from the bulk of the Tekken Force, the Zaibatsu’s special military unit. Maybe something involving recruits or something.


ASK A NINJA! The Lars Q&A thread

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I’ve now transitioned to simply canceling a cr. HP into whatever follow up I deem necessary. I’ve got some other shorter BnBs that I’ve worked out too. Probably cap them and toss them up. Generally getting between 250-300 meterless and I figure that’s pretty good for the ease of input. Also have a few combos that link into Super or Cross Arts, both solo and off a tag in. I’m getting some work done with Lars but I still haven’t figured out what moves he has to get people out of his face, thanks to his lightning screw having terrible forward movement and range.


423+P…Uh…So you’re starting from back and quickly going to down and down forward, sorry but I’m confused.


‘‘Being Top-Tier in 1 game is not enough’’


You spelled witty wrong.


Yeah he messed up his notation. He means dynamic entry though.

And Lars is top tier in Tekken? Does that count TTT2 cause I was gonna play him in that when it comes out. I was on the fence about getting it but Lars sold me. Only thing that’ll unsell me now is if I find out it doesn’t have local online co-op. SFxT lied to me since I play on Xbox. So mad.


^This. I meant 623 and even said it wrong twice. Whoops. People knew what I meant, though.



Gotta question or 2:

  1. Has anyone found good ways to use Lars’ 214+k? Be it the ex version is the overhead version, the regular versions are slow and i seem to get dp’d alot or even out jabbed on block. The only thing i can get goin is mixing it up sometimes with the LP cancel but its only effective about 25% of the time.

  2. I pretty much got Lars 250-300 dynamic entry combos down. But is stylin and 400 combos require meter and seem to linking into cr. HP. I find this hard to put into my mix-ups and execution because most of the time im reading the opponent. Anybody got some good ideas of how to accomplish these links on a consistent basis? I think this is important because taking 1/4 life in combos is scary and can train your opponents to play scared (steve for example).

  3. It seems that Lars’ dynamic entry on counter hit is awesome, but I hit it few and far between. Does anybody have any ideas on some good counter hit set-ups to get the crumble?

  4. Any ideas on how to incorporate Silent Entry+K into their game? I like that it can be linked into ex 621+K.

  5. Far st. HK can be cancelled into special moves. Has anybody got some ideas on how to use this properly? It has a lot of start up. It kinda reminds me of Marduk’s far st. HK except it can be special move cancelled. Seems pretty good. Trying to effectively use it more.

  6. cr. MP, cr. MP, cr. MK -> dynamic entry to minidar, cr. HP -> silent entry+k seems to be his primary BnB to me. Does anybody have a better BnB that is more practical?

I know there’s a lot of questions, but yeah. He’s fresh to the game and its time for the community to learn him lol.

P.S.: Am I the only one that feels like Lars should be faster? Possibly even buffed in the future?


I don’t think you should be getting jabbed on block from Adon Kicks. The move is very fast in recovery and should be safe to block afterwards. If you’re trying to catch people in frame trap I am not sure how is the best way to go about that.

I saw a video where a player instead of sending opponent to the corner after launcher combo bringing Lars in, they did either one or two Silent Entry+K. It seems if you connect with it in the air you can have enough frames to jump up over the opponent and cross them up. The opponent easily caught onto this but still, it’s something to think about.

What’s a minidar?