Lars v.2013

Lars Alexandersson
Close LK - Startup 5F->4F
Close HP - Startup 10F->5F
Close HK - Push back on block when used in boost combo reduced
Far LP - Startup 6F->5F
Far MP - Area around arm is invincible against air attacks
Far MK - Changed entire motion slightly

  • Added 5F to boost combos (On hit -3F/On block -7F)
    Far HP - Startup 13F->11F
  • Removed 5F from boost combos (On hit +2F/On block -4F)
  • Hit box enlarged
    cr. LP - Hit stun 8F->7F
  • Startup 5F->4F
    cr. MP - Push back on block when used in boost combo reduced
  • Added +5F (On hit -4F/On block 8F)
    cr. MK - Push back on block when used in boost combo reduced
  • Added 4F to boost combos (On hit -5F/On block -9F)
    cr. HP - Damage 50+50(100)->70+20(90)
  • Push back on block when used in boost combo reduced
  • Added 6F to boost combos (On hit -6F/On block -12F)
  • After 2nd hit can transition to launch attack, cross rush
    Storm Axle - Damage 70->90
    L. Lightning Screw - Damage 40+50(90)->70+60(130)
    M. Lightning Screw - Damage 50+50(100)->80+60(140)
    H. Lightning Screw - Damage 60+50(110)->90+60(150)
    Lightning Screw - Reduced float when 1st hit connects midair
    Lightning Thrust - Damage 100->120
  • Projectile invincible until hit box disappears
    Rising Storm - Damage 70->90
    Avalanche Spike - Damage 100->130
  • Move attack property changed from high to mid
    L. Dynamic Entry - Attack Startup 21F->20F
    H. Dynamic Entry - Can be canceled into L, M, H, EX Silent Entry from 8F before move recovers
    EX Dynamic Entry - Reduced advantage on hit by 10F
  • Damage 60->100
    EX Lock & Load - Midair combo counter usage changed to 1
  • Damage 30->50
    EX Double Barrel - Midair combo counter usage changed to 0
  • Hit stun reduced by 15F
    SHB - Damage 120->130
    Raging Thunder - Damage 150->130
    Special move meter gain:
    Lightning Thrust: Whiff 15/On block 20/On hit 40
    Rising Storm: Whiff 5->15
    Avalanche Stomp: Whiff 5->10
    Avalanche Spike: Whiff 5->15
    Lightning Screw: On hit 40+40(80)->30+20(50)
    Dynamic Entry: Whiff 10->0/On hit 40->50
    Lock & Load: Whiff 5->10/On hit 40->20
    Double Barrel: Whiff 5->10/On hit 40->30
    Mjolnir: Whiff 5->15

discuss =) a lot of buffs from what I can tell, Thank you capcom. The only nerf I see is a damage nerf to his raging thunger. My cast is now complete.

Good god damn. So Lars now has even better normals to help trap you with his insane frame trap game. His okizeme off forward throws will now guarantee a safe meaty with the option select of Avalanche kick to catch rolls for another 350 dmg, and now he also has a normal anti air to help against the far jumps. All while keeping pretty much everything intact, including a safe overhead (That got buffed so now a single landed one is a big threat LOL)

I hate to be presumptuous, but I can’t not see Lars being within the top 5 of this game. So many options, plus now probably the best normal set in the game.

Btw obvious typo on which is now +14 on hit

Actually I think it’s for Boost Combos only. It falls in line with the other boost combo changes.

Just played a few rounds for the first time with Lars.

This guy has got the easiest links in the world, comboing with him feels great.
I’ll think he might have a chance to become my second point character.

But it says it’s + 8 on block, unless the typo is for that instead =P

Lars is going to be the new feilong/dr doom of this game. Why could they have not just left him alone?

I don’t see how he is gonna be like fei long lol. But he is going to be a very good character, or at the very least hit damage he deserves when his combos are tougher than most who out damage him.

Fei long was a really really good character in super. He received a ridiculous amount of buffs that pushed head and shoulders above the entire cast in AE.
Lars was a really really good character in SfxT vanilla. He has just received a ludicrous amount of buffs that will make him stronger than most of the other characters in the game.

Not just that he is in fact the closest thing in SFxT to Fei long (how can people not see this!)

I hope that they make some meaningful changes to his Avalanche Flip and his Silent Entry. For the Silent Entry they should at least make it a bit faster ( cover its active distance more quickly, no its range) For the Avalnche Flip they should make it projectile invulnerable on its starting frames…at least

more patch update :

Far Standing LP
• Startup changed from 6 frames to 5.
• Pushback on hit and block increased.

Far Standing MP
• Area around the arm has been made invincible to air attacks.
• Bottom part of the hitbox has been increased.
(so it wont wiff on crouching opponents)
• Startup changed from 9 frames to 7.

Far Standing MK
• Entire animation has been slightly tweaked.
• 5 frames added when used during a Boost Combo (on hit -3, on block -7).
• Startup changed from 15 frames to 13.

Far Standing HP
• Startup changed from 13 frames to 11.
• Decreased by 5 frames when attack connects (on hit +2, on block -4).
• Hitbox increased.

Avalanche Spike
• Damage changed from 100 to 130.

Silent Entry HK
• 8 frames before attack stun ends, this move can be canceled into the all versions of Silent Entry (LK, MK, HK, EX).
(u can rekka cancel now)

Avalanche Stomp
• Changed from a high attack to an overhead.
(high low mixup game added)

Cross Rush
• Forward movement distance extended.

ok with the current patch notes… i think Lars will rank up in-between mid and top tier,

his normals are getting major overhaul frame buffs, specials are getting damage boost, good anti-air, high low mixup game, rekka cancel mind games, plus system changes (throw), with it he’s like a cross breed of adon and fei long, and if they ever change his walk speed to be more faster then definitely he will be top tier in my list, considering his forward dash and backdash is already good!

now lets wait for his air normals frame changes and final patch updates!

he doesn’t need anymore buffs from what he’s already getting. Making him have faster walk speed will only make him higher in the tiers thus more used then what he is now. I rather be playing a character that’s mid tier and rarely gets used then be abused like kaz.

"Cross Rush
[FONT=Helvetica]• Forward movement distance extended"
FINALLY. God, I swear the amount of times his launcher has whiffed when right next to someone was depressing. Tbh I think all chars need guaranteed launches in a cross rush as long as all the hits lands. The changes are pretty solid, making his normals faster, spike is now overhead, silent entry extensions etc. I mean, I do agree it’s nice to have a character that isn’t overly hated because they’re popular (as my other chars are Jin, Kaz, Ryu) but I like good characters and if he’s great then that’s good for me as a player, I don’t care what people think. And honestly all it takes is for people to discover good things in a char for them to go from the honest, seldom used char to the ‘overused’ one that everyone hates (Law was sorta like this, he only got big about half way through this game, Alisa towards the end of vanilla also). But nevermind all that, alot of great cancels, great damage boosts and a couple of tricks up his sleeve, I think Lars is gonna be a whole lot better but more importantly (for me anyway) funner to use =>[/FONT]

Thanks Techisoba for posting that! has anyone heard if they tweaked the frames for his Avalanche flip? i still think that they should make it projectile invulnerable for its firsts frames…and about his movement…my complaint is about his diagonal forward jump arc…they should rework it to make it cover the same distance as his backward jump. his walking speed is a little offputting visually but it seems to me it is equal to ryu’s

His close fierce has awesome juggle and damage potential now


NICE. I’ve been using standing heavy punch more in combos now (though I already used it a decent amount) simply because it’s much faster, but holy crap you can get a second standing heavy without a dash cancel? Presumably a dash cancel will also work, but the fact that you can do silent entry instead is amazing. I’m gonna add it to the new playlist for Lars videos if you don’t mind:

Just checked in training now; adding the standing heavy before the lightning screw (after rising storm) does more damage than just going into lightning screw straight away, just had to be sure as I usually do that. Also, you can do a dash cancel with two standing heavies and it works, and I’m finding that easier to hit right now, haha. I’ll keep trying to get the silent entry one though

check out the combo thread, updated some new stuff there!

New video, just a slight repetition of known combos and a couple new ones. And that last combo took me ages, but shoutouts to the video above for showing me it’s possible