Las Vegas' #1 SF Tournament is at game over_

Just a reminder for anyone who dosen’t already know!!

Street Fighter IV Week 3 Tournament March 21st


game over_ 2.0
3310 S. Nellis Blvd. Suite 20
(Desert Inn & Nellis next to Fade Specialist Barber Shop)
(Across the street from Jack in the Box)
3:00 PM - Till we’re done!!

2 PS3 SFIV Stations!
1 XB360 SFIV Station!
1 MM Station (MvC2, SNKvCAP2, 3S, TvC)

$5.00 entry fee
FULL POT in CASH goes to Top 3!
More Players More Winnings!
Last Week the pot was $210
Can we get that bigger

Props to Trophy, Ruin, and Suhpreme our winners from last week and currently our top three.

Will they be toppled? Will some one else take #1?
You have to be here!!!
Get your DESTRUCTION on!!!

We have a fully equipped room dedicated for tournament play!
We have many food place within walking distance of the location!
Pizza, Mexican, Chinese, Subway, Jack-in-the-Box, Taco Bell!

We will be stat tracking all participants!
Leaderboard results will be posted in the store and one these boards every week!
Stats will be based on match wins & losses!
Stat will build up over time and rankings will emerge!

Bring your AAA Game!!! This is the place where legends are born and gods are destroyed!!!

Any questions call BiggGee or Bryan!