Las Vegas 3.99 steak and eggs! results

MvC2 is the only thing that went down with 9 people in it WOW 9!


First place

1st Mark (Seattle)
2nd ruin (vegas)
3rd LiLkid Kevin (San diego)

Mark went into losers early vs Ace from vegas ruin fought Kevin in winners finals beating kevin 3-0

first set 4-3
second set 4-3

in finals vs ruin and mark

He shot me =`( most matches went like this

sentinel unblockables marks mag cable comes in rapes ruins team GG cable ^___^ good games seattle cable is too scary

guahcy balboster that shit!

nice! Mark

you’ll gettem next time ruin-:smiley:

Werd Fuck this shit im putting in cable practice =]

right on kevin

props to ya


fricken hella props to ace :eek:

** Man good shit Guahc, way to represent!**

edit: jus kidding ;D

nigga hold that shit down dog.

Guahc ish a beasht? **

sup sean deezy

Okay a big wtf goes out to this

First of all

U won 3s wtffffff how did danny get 3rd who beat him

how many people enterd 3s how many people enterd ggxx


and how the fuck did mjk win cvs2 k im lost

I heard this guy’s best friend’s a tre pound an ice pick and a switch blade **

im jus fucking around there was no tourney lol

Young Sean been shot, but no more than 50

damn i thought sean died sup player

Oh Shit Does this place really hve $3.99 steak and eggs?!? That’s Hype!

yup at the fiesta Casino

3.99 Steak and Eggs and fries toast =)

Go to the suncoast you guys could get pancakes, eggs and suasage for .99 cents. They got steak and eggs for $1.99 That shit owns me…Also the rampart has 15 hot wings with fries for $2.21. That shit is tier!!!