Las Vegas Area (702) Fighting Game Community

New to the Vegas FGC. I was wondering if there is much of a community that get together and meet up to play any and all fighting games. Love playing online but sick of the online BS. I’m old school, I like groups. I play anything from Super SFIV AE v. 2012, SFxT, SSF2 Turbo: HD Remix, 3rd Strike, UMvC3, Mortal Kombat (2011), Injustice, BlazBlue, Guilty Gear, etc. Evo 2013 is fast approaching, could use a training partner. Las Vegas area, don’t be silent!

What’s up man? I’m new to the whole FGC in general and I recently moved to Vegas. I’m nothing special to be honest, but I really like playing fighting games. If you want to get in touch let me know.

Look in this thread that already exists for the Vegas scene:

On the last page, scroll around and you’ll see several posts detailing several facebook groups of the Vegas players. They post primarily on FB instead of SRK nowadays. Get in contact with them and they’ll be more than happy to invite you guys to local sessions and tourneys.

im definitely up to sparr with anyone in guilty gear, street fighter or mortal kombat!
hit me up 702 589 6808
the name is Franky

Look up Immortal Gaming League or IGL on facebook. Technically it’s disbanded but the people still discuss in their. There’s a lot of people in our FGC