Las Vegas Nightlife

The internet is ok to look up clubs but that doesn’t tell me shit about them.

I’m not much of a gambler… and I’ll be turning 22 the week before Evolution… so it’s all about the clubs & nightlife!!

What clubs are good to go to? I’m all for Trance/House (lights, steam, laser, fucked up = yay)… and some Hip-Hop… I’m not too good at Salsa :tdown:

If any of you have been to Webster Hall in New York City you know how the club is with multiple rooms (salsa, house, hip-hop, general)… if there’s something nice like that lemme know.

I’m not really into lounges… I could just sit around and drink with you people.

Oh yea… where’s the closest liquor & tobacco store? :)…

UPDATE For those 21 and over… and who care, whether knocked outta the tournament or just wanna relax… whatever. Apparently there’s Pool Parties on Sundays at Green Valley Ranch…

-Phil McFly

w00tness, Knocked out or otherwise I need to have a good time, first time in vegas & I just turned 21 like a week ago w00t.

Well I’m not old enough to know too much about Clubs but I can fill in the alcohol tobacco gap. The answer is they are EVERYWHERE. Whatever hotel you are in will have some form of a convience store filled with your needs for that so don’t worry about finding a close one. Most of the gas stations are stocked decently too.

if you want some good trance, Ice is the club to hit. I’ve never been there, but i’ve heard a lot about it. Also, Scott Stubbs is a really good trance DJ, and a vegas local. If he’s not out of town that weekend, he’ll usually be spinning somewhere in vegas. You can check out his site at

The only clubs i’ve actually been to in vegas are studio 54 and OPM inside ceasar’s palace. Studio 54 is dope. The usually play disco to start out the night, then mix into pop and hip-hop and towards the early morning hours its pretty much all house. I know Ra in the Luxor also has a house night, and its supposed to be a pretty dope club. OPM is weak shit. Only reason i went there is because DJ Micro was spinning. Unless a big name DJ is spinning there, i’d avoid it like the plague.


There was a club at Palms that I went to, but I forgot what it was called. Pretty nice vibe. I don’t remember what they played, but I think it was a mix of everything (house, hip-hop, etc).

OPM is fucking shitty… Ugly ass cats, lame environment, and wack ass music.

Best 21+ club in Vegas is RA at the Luxor. I think Club Seven is pretty good too, but you gotta go on Wednesdays or Saturdays to it. I heard good things about Tangerine, I think its called, on Flamingo.

You’re probably talking about Rain. I have a bunch of friends who went there that say is the best club in vegas. I think there’s a place called Ghostbar attached to it that has more of a relaxed loungy environment if you get tired of the club.

I’ll probably hit Ra when i’m out there. I know they have a house night, and an “Adult Entertainers” night where strippers get in for free. I’ll try to make it to one of those.


Check out the gallery comments, some nice humor there…

However, I DO think they hype up Club Light at the Bellagio for more than it’s worth. Go to Light’s website and look at the weekly photos; I never really see anyone who’s above a 6 or 7.

As for me…all I gotta say is “Spring Mountain Road” heh heh…

Don’t go to Pussycats, it’s lame overall
Club Rain is known for the appeal and infamy from The Real World, but don’t expect a guarantee or anything

I’m probably hittin this place first

… kinda sounds like a better maintained Club Exit NYC (aka Club Black Now)


Are there any Drum and Bass clubs?

Anyone know any badass meth connections who happen to be leather dominatrices?

Drum and bass isn’t trendy enough to have a club. Most people don’t like dancing to it. My suggestion is to find a site dedicated to drum and bass and post up to see if any clubs in vegas offer a D&B night, or possibly a club that has a room dedicated to D&B. You might also be lucky enough to find a top DJ thats spinning at a club or party that weekend. I hear vegas has a dope rave scene.

GVR has a club called Whiskey that has no cover, and supposidly ain’t that bad. I’ll prolly hit it up on thursday and friday for a few hours to feel the vibe. I kinda hope i won’t have to play on saturday so i can go to Ice on friday. Donald Glaude is a resident there, and definately one of the best DJs i’ve seen spin, so i’d love to see him again. But, i made it to saturday last 2 years, don’t think this year will be any different. If not, i’m sure they’ll have someone good spinning on saturday.

Some of these clubs have pretty good VIP packages, to get a table, and a bottle, and sometimes a private room. If anyone wants to go in on that let me know and hopefully we can get enough people to chip in to make it affordable.