Laser Cut Arcade Stick (with files)

I have been lurking around on this site for awhile; seeing how people make arcade sticks. I finally got around to making my own stick. Here are the Pictures

So there it is. I am looking for a more elegant solution for mounting the top panel. The mdf looks pretty bad. I have the Illustrator files to share if anyone wants to print off their own box or come up with a better solution to to the control panel mount.


Theres the files, I can convert them to something else if some want them a different way but right know they are .ai files

so many screws…

it looks like it works though.

have a read here
Joystick Controller - Panel Mounting and Layering

this should help out with your top panel mounting problem

also once you put some art on it it should look nicer

i dub thee “the frankenstein stick”

Just cuz all the bolts remind me of the bolts coming out his neck and the wood makes it look old fashioned.

oh, by top panel mounting I didnt mean the stick, I was talking about the control panel to the bottom of the box. The MDF method is not the best way to do. The rest of the box fits and holds together like a puzzle.The bolts are basically unnecessary (except for the joystick) the rest are there because I like the look, and some extra structural integrity (but I don’t really know how much though). This was my first cut I was (am) planning on making it out of acrylic in the future. (but I did end up really liking the look of the wood and bolts)

But yes those black screws on the side through the MDF are the design element I am looking to change and the ones on the top.

Stick looks mounted at the wrong height.

To high? To low? It is an easy fix, I have mounting plates that I can add or subtract

Too high. A Sanwa JLF should be about 23mm-24mm from the bottom of the balltop to the top panel, a Seimitsu LS-32 should also be at about the same height.

ok cool, thank you :slight_smile: