Laser Cutting Vinyl Stickers

I’m planning to have the image below laser cut onto a piece of vinyl. I’m not very knowledgeable in terms of printing or laser cutting.

My question: is there anything specific that I should tell the person that is doing the laser cutting? I want this to be a perfect fit for my TE stick so I can just align it to the TE’s metal panel without and problems. I do not want to pay the guy to have him make the vinyl too big or too small. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


No need for laser cut when you can have a plotter do it for you. What you want is the image to be digitally printed onto the vinyl and then a plotter to cut along the image. Are you going to be applying the vinyl over your plexi? If not, I would suggest you just go with a high grade paper/cardboard material and place it under you plexi.

Thanks for the reply. I would do the paper under the plexi thing but I do not have steady hands for such a curvy cut. I would rather have it done with accuracy by a machine.

What the guy does is use some type of solid colored one sided vinyl. He use a machine that has a plotter (I was wrong about the laser cutting) it traces the outline of the image but does not actually digitally print it on the vinyl itself. Basically it’s the type of sticks you see on cars. As for the digital printing on the vinyl I have no idea where to get that done.