Last Blade 2 Character Guides/Advanced System thread


can anyone give me any tips on using speed hibiki?

also, how do you do fatalities?


Oh I know Kojiroh very well…speed Hibiki…Kyokuji is well aware of all the other LB2 knowledge on Orochinag i well I’m sure…


any power okina advice?, niggas a beast




:d::snka: > :dp::snka:
:d::snka: > :hcb::snkc: (only close up)
:l::snka: (x2), :snka: > :dp::snka:
(Near corner) :r::snkc: > :r::hcf::snka::snkb:
:r::snkc: > :qcf::snkb:
:r::snkc: > :r::hcf::snkb:


:snka:, :d::snka:, :d::snkb: > :dp::snka:
:snka:, :d::snka:, :d::snkb: > :qcf::snka:
:snka:, :d::snka:, :d::snkb: > :hcb::snka:
:snka:, :d::snka:, :d::snkb: > :hcb::snkc: (only close up)
:snka:, :d::snka:, :snkb: > :qcf::snka:
:d::snkc: > :dp::snka: (Huge range on this, since the :d::snkc: actually moves you forward)
:l::snka::snka: > :l::snka: :snka:, :d::snka:, :d::snkb: > :qcf::snka:
(Corner)(Activate speed combo special :d::d::snka:/:snkb:) (Let it hit)
:l::snka: :snka: > :l::snka:, :snka:, :snkb: > :qcf::snka:


:snkb::snkc: (stuns) > :hcb::snkb: > :r::hcf::snka::snkb:


He’s actually pretty low on the tier list, but he’s one of my favourite characters to use.
He’s a zoning character who can also play tradtional rush-down as long as you’re careful.

If you’re smart, you can probably beat less experienced players just by alternating high/low turtles and the far version of his fishing rod. I’ve gotten a lot of perfects this way. Alternatively, if they’re smart enough to get past the turtle zoning (because it’s relatively easy to, if you just jump straight up and block), then move in with low-jumps :snka:'s and :snkb:'s. If you land a jump-in, follow up with :d::snka: then :dp::snka: > walk forward :df::snkb: or if you’re absolutely sure you’re gonna score a hit, :d::snkb: > :dp::snka:. Hit and run, don’t always try to rush-down with him. Hop back, tos s a turtle or two and then go back in again. His turtles do inflict a lot of damage if they hit, so even one or two hits here and there can really turn the tide.

If the turtle zoning starts to go bad, or they manage to get past one, stop throwing turtles and retreat/re-group. Get to the other side of the screen, and then start throwing them again. If you stay and try to fight them head on, you will lose. Okina excels in keep away and in quick offensive strikes. Clutch fighting is not his strong point.

His super is only guaranteed off :r::snkc: in the corner, or off :hcb::snkb: after a successful parry. You have to start the :hcb::snkb: like RIGHT AFTER you parry.

Don’t use his turtles in combos, don’t use his spinning moves, and don’t use his teleports besides the :snka: version. You can dodge the :snkb: and :snkc: versions just by jumping straight up and blocking. Or in the case of the :snkc: version, I can just parry and punish.

If you land a successful ground-air parry, punish with :d::snkb: or :hcb::snkc: (more on this move in a bit).

The main thing holding him back is that he can’t land his super very easily, but mix-ups between :l::snka:/:snka:/:d::snka: pokes, low jump ins, and :dp::snka:'s can really disorient someone. I used to have him at the bottom of my tier list until I figured him out a little better and I now believe he’s about on par with Juzoh.

One great tactic I’ve found is that if you’re successful with the turtle zoning, people become very frustrated and they’ll try to get in using whatever means necessary. This usually means that if they get knocked down, they’re gonna roll towards you. Now, Okina’s :hcb::snkc: has to be blocked high, but any half decent player is gonna block low on wake-up to be safe. So what this does is it not only scores you a relatively guaranteed hit (you’d be surprised how long it takes people to figure out how to defend against this), but the way it hits, you end up landing right behind them. If they’re not close enough for you to hit this move at point blank, run forward a bit after the knockdown and wait for them to roll. The running forward will also give them even more incentive to roll towards you since they’ll be thinking “oh shit, he’s moving in now’s my chance”.

Now, if they quick recover, you can nail them with a guaranteed :d::snkb: > :dp::snka: and if they don’t, you still get a free :df::snkb: or :snkc:.

Also, as the guide says. Jumping A for all purpose, C for air-air for him.

He has problems with Moriya, Setsuna, Zantetsu and Lee though because of how quickly they can get across the screen. They can punish a blocked turtle very easily.


uhhhh… i didn’t know where else to ask this, so if it belongs elsewhere, sorry in advance.

i’m planning on importing Last Blade 2: Final Edition (JP Dreamcast). However, I’ve noticed that there are two different versions. One has a girl with a fan on the cover, with a beige background. The other version has the US artwork, but slightly altered.

Which one is the best version to get?


They’re both pretty bad. They have a problem with the sound being delayed or desynced, and the characters are usually smaller and more pixelated.

The Japanese one has blood and fatalities.
The American one has slightly less pixelated sprites, but no blood or fatalities.

I prefer the Japanese one, but you’re pretty much screwed either way. The delayed sound gets pretty distracting.

In all honesty, I would buy it just to support the developers, but then emulate it, because the arcade MAME version is 5x better than either.


It’s only really bad when you do Speed combos, where after you finish you hear all the sounds that were queued up finish off for 2 seconds. Most BnBs combos aren’t too bad though.


Well, considering you’re either poking or doing large combo strings most of the time, I’d say it’s pretty detrimental to the gameplay.
Very rarely are you doing simple 2 hitters and things like that.

It’s especially bad for power links. The timing is tight enough on most already, but not only does this prevent you from using the sound as a queue, it actually throws you off, because it comes out completely off rhythm.



any tips on using speed hibiki?

also how do u do fatalities?



Fatalities happen randomly and only work if you’re playing with blood enabled. Usually if you finish them with a hard slash or a slashing special of some kind, they’ll get cut in half. There’s 2 types. One where they fall apart in the air and their weapon drops to the ground, and another where they fold and die slowly on the ground.

As for Speed Hibiki:

Bread and Butter with her is:
:snka: :d::snka: :d::snkb: > :snkb::snkc: > Follow-up

She has three follow-up options:
:qcf::snka: (:qcf::snkb: actually does less damage and has way more recovery time)
(Dash-in) :l::snka: > bread and butter if they quick recover (can be repeated x number of times).
(Dash past them) :snka::snkb:, :l::snkc:, :snkb: > Combo of your choice.
Basically, you cross them up even though you’re facing the wrong way. Very confusing visually, so it’s useful this way. It can be avoided by rolling far away enough though.

Another useful combo is just to finish with :df::snkc: instead of :snkb::snkc:. It’s safer on recovery than the :snkb::snkc: is since it’s not as easy to deflect. The two together make for some nice mix-ups.

DM combos:
:d::snkc: > :qcb::qcf::snka::snkb:
:d::snkb: > :qcb::qcf::snka::snkb:
:snka: :d::snka: :d::snkb: > :qcb::qcf::snka::snkb:
:d::snkc:, :snka: :d::snka: :d::snkb: > :qcb::qcf::snka::snkb:
:dp::snkc: > :qcb::qcf::snka::snkb:
:dp::snkc: > :d::d::snka:/:snkb: > Speed Combo #1-4
:d::d::snka:/:snkb: > :snka: :snkb: :snkc: :d::snkc: :d::snka: :d::snkc: :r::snkb::snkc: > :qcb::qcf::snka::snkb:
:l::snka:, :d::snkc:, :snka:, :snkb: > :qcb::db::r::snka::snkb:
:snka: :d::snka: :d::snkb: > :dp::snkb: > :hcf::snkc: (Activate speed combo special :d::d::snka:/:snkb:) follow-up of your choice.

Don’t use her :dp::snkb: move, and don’t use her :qcf::snkb: either.
I don’t use her :dp::snkc: much since you can’t actually combo into it. The only time it really has any use is if you know the person’s gonna try to low block, but even then I prefer :snkb::snkc: on most occasions because it has more follow-up options.

I haven’t had much reason to use her :hcf::snkc: either unless the person is being really predictable with jump-ins. I prefer just to use the regular deflect since I can get way more damage off it, at the cost of slightly pickier deflect timing.

For ground poking, use :d::snka: and standing :snka:.
Air poking, use :snka:

Get low jumping cross-up :snkb: down. Great way to pin down inexperienced opponents, if you just low cross-up slash with her over and over. It’s really hard to deflect and has a huge radius as well.

:snkb: is amazing ground anti-air but can be air parried by better players. It does a lot of damage on power, so it’s very useful for punishing predictable air recoveries.

Try dashing past someone on the ground, then using :snka::snkb: > :l::snkc: > :snkb: > Bread and butter. This should nail them when they get up if they don’t see the cross-up coming.

Just like anyone else, don’t use her super randomly. I know it might be tempting because it comes out so quickly, but it’s a good way to get yourself combo’d.

:d::snkb: has absolutely huge range, so use that to your advantage when playing footsies with someone. If you nail it, always follow up with :snkb::snkc:, her DM or :df::snkc: if you think you’re too far to follow up on the :snkb::snkc:.

EDIT: **

Power Hibiki stuff:**

:l::snka: (x2-3), :snka: > :qcf::snka:
:l::snka: (x2-3), :snka: > :qcb::db::r::snka::snkb:
:snka: > :r::hcf::snkb:
:l::snka: :d::snkc: > :qcb::db::r::snka::snkb:
:snka: > :r::hcf::snkb:
:d::snkc:, :l::snka:, :snka: > follow-up of your choice
:d::snkc:, :snka: > follow-up of your choice
:d::snkc:, :snka: > :r::hcf::snkb:
:d::snkc: > :qcb::db::r::snka::snkb: (Learning to hit confirm this from a jump-in will help you a lot)
:r::snkc: > :qcb::db::r::snka::snkb: (Can be useful from punishing missed moves from afar)
:d::snkc:, :d::snka:
:l::snka: (x2-3), :snkb: > :qcb::db::r::snka::snkb: (‘Extremely’ difficult to time properly)
:l::snka:, :snkb:, :dp::snkb: > :qcb::db::r::snka::snkb: (‘Extremely’ difficult to time properly)

She’s still good on power, but she loses her nasty mix-up potential, and her godly cancellable
She’s a much more dangerous poker on power though. You have to be very careful air recovering around her, even if you can parry her :snkb: on the way down. That can easily get baited, and you can end up eating a super.
Dashing forward and sticking out a :snkb: is surprisingly good for stuffing jump-ins early as well since it comes out pretty fast. You have stagger block to your advantage on power as well, so in case it gets blocked, you’re not in too much trouble.

Her cross-up is godly as well. Easily one of the best in the game along with Mukuro, Zantetsu and Akari’s. Never ever try jump cancel dashing under her when she air recovers unless you’re planning to deflect after, because that shit can hit you even if it looks like you’re out of its hit box.
Low jump cross-up :snkb: mix-ups are nasty as well, although you can get out by just jumping straight up and then air recovering if you’re not confident that you can block long enough to retaliate/get out. Still, you can get some nice damage that way on less experienced players.

Also, be careful with her :df::snkb:, people can :snka: you when they get up, because the recovery on it sucks (but not as much as Setsuna’s) so make sure you don’t do it up close.


I picked up Last Blade 2 a couple weeks ago, and I must say it’s one of the best SNK fighters i’ve ever played. But, I have a question. What’s the general consensus regarding Shigen? I’m making him my main, and he seems like a beast. Also, what are some useful combos for him in speed mode?


Shigen is upper mid’ tier.
Definitely tourney material (although you’re likely not gonna find one outside of Japan).

DM’s with multiple parts:

:hcb::r::snkc: > :hcf::snka: > :hcb::hcb::snka::snkb:
:hcb::r::snkc: > :hcf::snkb: > :hcb::hcb::snkc: (SDM power mode only)
:qcf::qcf::snka::snkb: > :hcf::snkb: OR :hcb::hcb::snkb: (Preferred)

Unique to him

After, dash in and hit :snkc::snkd:
He can spam his air throw multiple times and even attack or parry after it.


:snka: > :qcb::snka:
:snka: > :hcf::snka:
:snka: > :hcb::r: :snkc: > Follow-up of your choice.
:l::snka: :l::snka: :snka: > :qcb::snka:
:l::snka: :l::snka: :snka: > :hcf::snka:
:l::snka: :l::snka: :d::snkc:
:snka: > :qcb::snka: > :qcf::qcf::snka::snkb: > :hcb::hcb: :snkb:


:snka: :snka: :snkb: > :qcb::snkc: > :qcb::snkc: then either :qcb::snka: or :qcb::snkc: (corner only) or :dp::snkb: or :hcf::snkc: or (delayed) :hcf::snka: (this one is nearly impossible to jump out of).
:snka: :snka: :snkb: > :qcf::qcf::snka::snkb: > :hcb::hcb::snka::snkb: (Second part is unblockable but can be jumped)
:snka: :snka: :snkb: :df::snkc: > :hcf::snkc: (Risky on more advanced players)
:d::snkc: :qcf::qcf::snka::snkb: > :hcb::hcb::snka::snkb:
:d::snkc: :qcb::snkc: > :qcb::snkc: > Follow up of your choice
:d::snkc: :qcb::snka:
:l::snka: :l::snka: :d::snkc: > :qcb::snkc: > Follow up of your choice
:snka: :snka: :snkb: > :dp::snka: > (Activate speed combo special :d::d::snka:/:snkb:) follow-up of your choice. Shigen’s :dp::snka: renders them unable to roll if you hit them when they’re on the ground afterwards for whatever reason.


:d::snkc: > :qcb::snka: > :qcf::qcf::snka::snkb: > :hcb::hcb::snkb:


Shigen’s more of a striker than a grappler on speed, so keep that in mind when you play him. Use jump :snka:/:snkc: to zone and look for openings to land his combos.
There are lots of ways to land his :hcf::snkb:, but all of them are fairly risky.

If you play him on power, his grabs are combo-able, and you’ll probably spend more time trying to land his throws since the pay off is better.

You can use :dp::snkb: and :qcb::snka:/:snkb: (dash-in :snkc::snkd:) to punish air recoveries.
Air throw anytime you get an air-parry and you’re close enough.
The :dp::snkb: can be especially useful since it does a lot of damage on power.

Whiffing his air throw and then deflecting after can be useful.

Miscellaneous crap

-:l::snka: is NOT cancellable on power.
-You can’t combo throws in speed mode.
-Never use his tackle outside of combos.
-You can tick throw with :snka:/:l::snka: > :hcf::snka: but it’s risky.
-Avoid his :qcb::snkb:
-Avoid his :l::snkb: for the most part as tempting as it might be to use it. It can be useful as a defensive mix-up on occasion.
-His DM counter (:hcf::l: :snka::snkb:) does really really broke ass damage. Unless he’s close to perfecting you, you’ll probably kill him if you catch him with this. It does not however counter grapples or low attacks, so don’t be too reckless with it.
When Shigen gets into flashing health, this move will cause your opponent will become much more defensive if they know what they’re doing.
-Low :snkb: is cancellable and has huge range, although it’s slow and can’t be linked off anything.
-Use dash-in :snkc::snkd: on grounded opponents whenever possible. They CAN ground recover from this, but you’re invincible for a split second after. Just be careful.
-You can break out of his chain throws by mashing the corresponding button that he’s using.
-Use jumping :snka: for air-air, jumping :snkc: for jump-ins. Try to avoid jumping :snkb: for the most part, it’s way too slow.
-Jumping :snkc: can cross-up.
-Whiff :hcb::r::snkc: for meter after using :snkc: on a downed opponent

The main thing people do wrong is try and play him like a grappler.
He’s a striker for the most part, although he is forced to use more grappling on power.


Do you have Aim Kyokuji? I Don’t really see you on GW anymore (then again i’m not on a whole hell of a lot with my work schedule either) and i’d like to get some more games going. Been working on my links a lot and i want to see if i’ve improved at all yet.


Hey Kyokuji! Teach me Last Blade! I’m on Kaillera all the time (name’s Kicks). Anywho I’m interested in all the characters, but Sestuna, Hibiki, Moriya, and Amano seem fun. Any stats/recommended type (speed/power) would be great!
Awesome post by the way… someone else needs to help you out with that barren wiki.

Since you’re here, GGs the other day, Dracula_X. Didn’t mean to bail on ya.


Just tried this game last night and it’s awesome! the only character I really learned any moves for or anything is Zantetsu, and he seems AWESOME! if he’s not top tier, then this game has some powerfull ass characters.

Any tips for speed-Zan?

Which supers should I be using w/ him? Which mixups work well for him etc? Abusable moves? Im gonna play and check for these things myself, of course, but I always love learning the theory from experts on here.

Oh and callmeanewb refered to an easy infinite for Zan too? <listens closely>


Most of the infinites abuse some severe glitch in the system…using it on someone will get you kicked out of the game, and I believe they are all banned in tourney play. The glitch he refers to is mashing AC in the air I believe.


it’s not quite mashable, but pretty close. AC let’s you cancel jumping A into itself. so what happens is you float in the air next to your opponent cancelling j.A into itself. For it to be a true infinite you gotta be pretty good with the timing. Usually, i get about 16 hits before I fuck up or drop too far or get pushed back too much or something and I continue with a ground combo.


Sad thing is, I meet people who use that glitch and still can’t come close to winning.


Heya Kyokuji.

Any tips for Kagami? I’ve been playing casually for awhile, but I think I want to step it up a little.



Air dive stuff

Use his dive conservatively. It has a ton of recovery lag on it. Best to low-jump with it if you’re going to use it. If you’re good, you can dash under someone who jumps straight up and then low-jump dive immediately to get them from behind. This is risky though, and it would require you to be able to read your opponent fairly well. It’s great for punishing attempted parries, anti-airs and air recoveries though.

-You can link :hcb::snka: off his air dive, just delay the motion a bit. It’s a good way to save your ass if it gets blocked, but again use the dive conservatively if at all.
-:hcb::snka: is combo-able, :hcb::snkb: is not.
-The other somewhat safe option is to follow up with :qcf::snka: and then quickly back off.
-You can combo his :hcf::snka::snkb: off his dive, but the timing is very strict. Can also be another good way to follow-up a blocked dive.
-Don’t be one of those idiots who constantly air dives and follows up with :dp::snka:.


:l::snka: > :dp::snka:/:snkb: > :hcf::snka::snkb:
:d::snkc: (x2-3), :l::snka::snkc: > :dp::snka:/:snkb: > :hcf::snka::snkb:
(In the air) :d::snkc: > :hcf::snkb:
(In the air) :d::snkc: > :hcb::snka:
(In the air) :d::snkc: > :dp::snka:/:snkb: > :hcf::snka:


:l::snka:, :d::snka:, :d::snkb: > :snkb::snkc: (Dash-in) (Punish ground recovery with :l::snka: > same combo or if they don’t recover, :snkc: > Whiff :hcb::snka: for meter)
:l::snka:, :d::snka:, :d::snkb: > :snkb::snkc: > (Dash for a split second) :dp::snka:
:d::snkc: (x2-3), :l::snka:, :db::snka:, :d::snkb: > :snkb::snkc: (Dash-in) (Etc.)
:d::snkc: > :dp::snka:
(In the air) :d::snkc: > :hcf::snka::snkb: (Glitch)
(Activate speed combo special) :d::d::snka:/:snkb: > :snka: :snkb: :snkc: :d::snkc: :d::snka: :d::snkc: :r::snkb::snkc: > dash-in > Low-jump :uf: > :d::snkc: > :dp::snka:
Corner (Activate speed combo special :d::d::snka:/:snkb:) >
:snka: :snkb: :snkc: :d::snkc: :d::snka: :d::snkc: :r::snkb::snkc: > (slightly delayed) Low-jump :ub: > :d::snkc: >
:qcf::snkb: > :dp::snka:


:l::snka:, :d::snka:, :d::snkb: > :dp::snkb: > :hcf::snka::snkb:
:d::snkc: > :dp::snkb: > :hcf::snka::snkb:
:d::snkc: (x2-3) > :dp::snkb: > :hcf::snka::snkb:
(Activate speed combo special) :d::d::snka:/:snkb: > :snka: :snkb: :snkc: :d::snkc: :d::snka: :d::snkc: :r::snkb::snkc: > dash-in > Low-jump :uf: > :d::snkc: > :dp::snka:/:snkb: > :hcf::snka::snkb:
(Corner)(Activate speed combo special :d::d::snka:/:snkb:) > :snka: :snkb: :snkc: :d::snkc: :d::snka: :d::snkc:
:r::snkb::snkc: > (slightly delayed) Low-jump :ub: > :d::snkc: > :qcf::snkb: > :dp::snka: > :hcf::snka::snkb:


Kagami is best in Power, but he’s fine in any mode really.

Kagami is the one of the best pure poking characters in the game. His dash is exceedingly fast which allows him to get in and out quickly and his :d::snkc: is one of the fastest recovering long range lows in the game. His jump :snka: is one of the best air-air pokes in the game as well. Extremely quick, angled slightly upwards and has wayyy too much priority. His :snkc: can cross-up, but you gotta do it kind of early, and it’s fairly unreliable.

Get dash into his command throw down, it’ll help out a lot. Low dives can be useful, but they’re risky.
Use :dp::snka:/:dp::snkb: > :hcf::snka::snkb: or dives/DM’s/SDM’s to punish air recoveries.
Dash-in after any overhead launch or :dp::snka: hit to punish ground ones.
Punish ground recoveries on power and EX with:

(Dash-in) :l::snka: > :dp::snkb: > :hcf::snka::snkb:

He can jump cancel dash under people air recovering just like everyone else, but he can jump cancel into a low dive as well and then cancel it into something else if need be.

He’s best in power if you can hit the link consistently, but given it’s difficulty, you might opt to use EX instead. Being able to link into his DM from such a versatile poke adds ‘a lot’ to his game, especially since you can hit confirm it off multiple linked ones. Plus you still get access to his SDM for desperate situations.
Only problem is that meter doesn’t build nearly as fast in EX.

In speed, he’s still a fantastic poker, and you don’t have to worry about getting hit the way you do in EX.

Plus, he’s already good at punishing recoveries, but on EX and power he can cancel his :dp::snka: into his DM, which makes it suicidal to try and recover at all around him. Seriously, try it. You’ll get fucked in the ass.

Low-jump SDM can be useful as a desperation attack since it comes out almost instantly, but if you miss, you’re likely toast.

Miscellaneous crap

-He steps back a bit on his unblockable, and the coverage is more vertical than most, so it’s more useful than some of the other ones, but like all power unblockables, use them very very sparingly if at all.
-His SDM is only combo-able off his dive. It’s one of the few supers that can see some use outside of a combo.
-:r::snkb: is a great long range poke.
-Avoid using his :qcb::snkc:, it’s crap