Last Blade 2 Character Guides/Advanced System thread



Stuff unique to him

Dash over fallen opponents to do minor damage.

Juzoh is actually relatively low tier, because he is heavily reliant on being able to land his grapples, but tiers in LB2 are pretty subjective anyway (besides Yuki who struggles).

You’ll want to play him in power to take full advantage of the damage on his jumping :snkb:, and to make sure that when you do land a command throw, your opponent knows about it.

Unlike most other characters, Juzoh doesn’t have much in the way of combos, nor does he have any really effective power links, instead, you must learn how to zone with his jumping :snkb: and standing :snkb: and you must have a good mix-up game in order to be able to land his
:hcb::snkb: and :hcb::snka:.
So, he’s basically the only ‘true’ grappler in the game. Shigen is more of a striker mix and he’s not quite as mobile.

After landing a :hcb::snkb:, your options are:

:hcb::snka: (Grab them again and slam them into the ground)
>:qcf::snka: (Smack them around with the bat) > :hcb::hcb::snka::snkb: >:qcf::snkb: (If you have meter) (Do the last part just after the second stomp) (Though it’s a two part super, you don’t need to be at low life to use it)
>:qcf::snkb: (Stomp on them with the bat) (This does more damage than the :qcf::snka: variant on its own, but don’t get predictable by using the same one all the time)
>Do nothing (He smashes them away) (Can’t mash out of this one)

:qcf::snkb: (You get more damage for hitting them later. You’ll know because it’ll set them on fire)
>:qcf::snkc: > :u::snkb:

:qcf::snka::snkb: (If you have meter) (You get more damage for hitting them later. You’ll know because it’ll set them on fire))

You can escape from his :hcb::snka: follow-ups by mashing the appropriate button.
For example, if the person’s following up with :qcf::snka:, you mash A.
You can’t mash out of the DM follow-ups, or his striking ones.

On power, his only real combos are:

:d::snkc: :d::snkc: :d::snkc:
:uf::snkb:/:snkc: > :r::snkc: > :qcf::snkc: > :hcb::snka: > Follow-up of your choice
:uf::snkb:/:snkc: > :r::snkc: > :qcf::snkc: > :dp::snkb:
(Corner only) (Has to be right to the edge) :uf::snkb:/:snkc: > :r::snkc: > :hcb::snka: > Follow-up of your choice
(Corner only) :uf::snkb:/:snkc: > :r::snkc: > (Charge) :r::l::snkc:
(Corner only) :uf::snkb:/:snkc: > :r::snkc: > :hcb::snkc:
:df::snkc: > :dp::snka:/:snkb:

Follow-ups for :qcf::snkc: (While you do have autoguard in this, you still take damage, and you can be thrown out of it)

Of these, the only ones that are ever really useful are :dp::snkb: :hcb::snka: and :snkd:/:d::snkd:

Your focus should not be on landing a throw from a combo though, but to find ways to land it on its own. You need to have a good short dash/dash throw game, and you need to be able to read your opponent well, since all they have to do is jump straight up to avoid it (but that’s where the :hcb::snka: version comes in handy).

Up close, you need to mix things up with his :d::snkc:, low-jump air normals and his command throw.
His :r::snkb: is fantastic for zoning as long as you’re careful with it. You can easily catch someone who was trying to dash-in, and it’s great for punishing whiffed attacks/combos from a distance.

Be aware that his :hcb::snka: has very poor priority and a lot of air attacks (especially ones jumping forward) will easily snuff it even if it looks like you should’ve got them (Reminds me a lot of Hugo’s mediocre anti-air throw). However if they’re jumping straight up and you’re right under them, you have a lot better chance of landing it.

Juzoh has some bad match-ups against people with fast ground/air pokes like Zantetsu and Lee. Moriya can also give him some trouble with his constant teleporting (assuming they know the glitch). An Okina who’s good at turtle zoning can be very irritating as well, although if you know Juzoh’s air game well enough it should be a pretty even match-up.

Speed Juzoh’s combos are:

:snka: :snkb: > :qcf::snka:
:snka: :snka: > :r::l::snkc: > :qcf::snkc: > :qcf::snkc: > *:qcf::snkc: (Unblockable but doesn’t combo and can be deflected/jumped over)
:snka: > :df::snkc: > :dp::snkb: (His only real mix-up combo, besides the universal :snka: > :snkb::snkc: style ones)
:d::snkc: (x3) > :r::l::snkc::qcf::snkc::qcf::snkc:

With speed Juzoh, you don’t have to rely as much on his command throw since he can now chain combo like everyone else, but the problem is, the damage on his combos is pretty average, and he doesn’t have a lot of variation to them, so all he really ends up being is a weaker version of the other characters on speed. You can still use his command throw and all that, but the damage is lessened by quite a bit.
As such, I feel it’s better to make up for his weaknesses by playing him like a grappler/zoner on power.

That being said, his :snkb::snkc: overhead on speed does give him some nice opportunities for landing his :hcb::snkb:, so you shouldn’t rule out speed Juzoh altogether, and he does gain quite a few more mix-up options on speed.

-:qcf::snkc: should be used very very sparingly. I only use it as a follow-up to one of the command throws to try and cross someone up as they’re getting up, but I rarely use it on more experienced players since it’s easy for them to block either way.
-His :dp::snka:/:snkb: will hit people on the ground but only if he’s close, and only in certain situations since both are quite slow. So it’s better just to use :u::snkb: most of the time instead.
-:dp::snkb: makes a good early anti-air since it has nice priority on it, but it’s quite slow so you’d have to have to seen a jump/jump-in coming already.
-His :hcb::snkc: is completely useless, stay away from it
-His :qcf::snkb: is also fairly poor outside of some occasional use for zoning.
-I would only use his :qcf::snka: as a follow-up if you happen to catch someone with a standing :snkb: somehow.
-His :r::l::snkc: unblockable can be somewhat useful on more inexperienced players, but there’s not much reason to use it instead of his overhead, and better players will likely just jump/throw/punish.
-You can hit his :hcb::snka: off a successful ground-air parry, but you gotta do it fast and they have to be relatively high in the air.
-:d::snkb: may look like a good anti-air but it’s not, don’t use it much.
-:snkb: can work as an anti-air, but it doesn’t work against a lot of air normals, and it’s highly dependant on what angle they’re coming from.
-:uf::snka: is your best late air-air. You can jump-in with it if you think they’re gonna jump straight up at the last second.
-:uf::snkc: is also alright as a jump-in/air-air.
-:uf::snkb: is your all purpose air normal. Great range, damage and priority. If you can low-jump reliably, this poke becomes quite godly.
-His unblockable has some nice horizontal range on it, but like all of them it’s slow and predictable so be careful with it.
-Like you would figure for a grappler in a game with a parry system, being able to deflect well adds a ton to your game with Juzoh, since it’s basically a free command throw for you.


Thanks, Kyokuji. I will try them. Oh, i want to ask the 63214A > 236A > 236236A+B timing. I never get it to work. Do I have to input the command as soon as possible or with timing like Shingen’s combo throw?


You start the DM a second or two after you land the :qcf::snka:. It has to be while he’s smacking the guy around, not before or after.


Yeah it works, but the command is 6321463214A+B.


Ah, my mistake. I’d just woken up when I wrote that.
Yeah, it’s :hcb::hcb::snka::snkb:.

I’ll fix it on the mini-FAQ thing.


I put up some a-cho/VIP LB2 tourney match videos on youtube.
Search “Kyokuji” to find all my LB videos.
Some of the a-cho matches are on the second page (Almost the entire first page is filled with random scrub crap).
Check out some of MaestroAbar’s videos as well. They’re not bad.


Kyokuji, any tips for using speed moriya? Thanks


Yeah, I’ll write up a guide for him when I get the energy.


How you play Moriya depends on whether you’re using the teleport glitch.
I would highly recommend that you learn how to play him without it first. Otherwise all you’ll have is mindless rush-down/keep-away, and you’ll get wrecked by better players.

He’s best on speed mode.
He has tons of mix-up options and damaging combos with it, and he cancel in and out of his 'port easily.
This guide’s going to be a little harder to write, because a lot of his advanced stuff revolves around using his teleport properly, and his combos are probably the most complex in the game (Lee and Zantetsu taking 2nd and 3rd place respectively).
That being said, if you’re not using the glitch, he’s a decent starting character.

Teleport glitch

Right after the teleport, quickly hit :snka::snkc: together.
If you do it correctly, he won’t say anything, and he’ll have 0 recovery on the teleport (He’ll be able to move right away).
This only works for the :snka: and :snkb: variations.

:l::db::d: :snka: goes to the far end of the screen behind you.
:l::db::d: :snkb: goes right to the opponent.
:l::db::d: :snkc: goes directly behind the opponent.

Stuff unique to him

:df::snka: (Can’t cancel into this from :snkb:)
You can shorten the recovery on his :qcb: slashes by tapping the buttons multiple times, and cancel the move completely by pressing :snkd:


:l::snka: :l::snka: > :qcb::snkb:/:qcb::snkc:
:l::snka: :l::snka: > :dp::snka:/:snkb:
:uf::snka:/:snkb:/:snkc: > :l::snkb: > :qcf::snka: > :r::hcf::snka::snkb:
:uf::snka:/:snkb:/:snkc: > :l::snkb: > :r::hcf::snkb:
:d::snkc: :l::snka::snkc: :l::snka: > :qcb::snkb:/:qcb::snkc:
:uf::snka:/:snkb:/:snkc: > :r::snkc: > :r::hcf::snkb:
:uf::snka:/:snkb:/:snkc: > :r::snkc: > :qcb::snka:/:snkb: (Hold, late release)
:uf::snka:/:snkb:/:snkc: > :r::snkc: > Dash-in :snka: > Mix-up
(Corner only) :uf::snka:/:snkb:/:snkc: > :r::snkc: > :r::hcf::snka::snkb:
(Corner only) :uf::snka:/:snkb:/:snkc: > :snkb: > :qcf::snka: > :qcf::snka: > (Late) :r::hcf::snka::snkb:)
(Corner only) :uf::snka:/:snkb:/:snkc: > :snkb: > :qcf::snka: > :qcf::snka: > (Somewhat early) :qcb::snka: > :dp::snka:


:l::snka:, :l::snka: > :r::hcf::snka::snkb:
:d::snkc: :l::snka:, :l::snka: > :r::hcf::snka::snkb:
:uf::snka:/:snkb:/:snkc: > :snka: > :r::hcf::snka::snkb:
:uf::snka:/:snkb:/:snkc: > :l::snkb: > :l::db::d::snkb: (:snka::snkc:) > :l::snka: > :r::hcf::snka::snkb:
:uf::snka:/:snkb:/:snkc: > :l::snkb: > :qcf::snka:, :qcb::snka: (:snkd:) > :l::snka: > :r::hcf::snka::snkb:
:uf::snka:/:snkb:/:snkc: > :l::snkb: > :qcf::snka:, :qcf::snka: > :qcb::snka:
This is your primary set-up for teleport punishing in power mode. Just 'port in after they get launched and punish if they recover. You can’t do much besides :l::snka: > :qcb::snkb: or something though.


You cannot cancel into his :snkb::snkc: from :snka::d::snka: or :snka::snka:. This because he already has a special overhead and him having 2 overheads to combo into would make things extremely gay.

:l::snka: :snka: :d::snka: > :snkb: > :qcf::snka: > :qcf::snka: > :dp::snka: > :dp::snkb:
(I prefer to just skip the first :l::snka: part for the added range/simplicity).
(You can technically link another :l::snka: at the beginning, but it’s not really worth it unless you’re showing off or something).

*:l::snka: :snka: :d::snka: > :df::snkc: > :qcb::snkc::snkc: (Fail-safe in case the :df::snkc: gets blocked. Mashing :snkc: (in a controlled fashion) eliminates some of the recovery from the special)
*:l::snka: :snka: :d::snka: > :df::snka: > :dp::snka: > :dp::snkb:
(Mix it up with these two)

:d::snka: > :dp::snka:
:d::snka: > :qcb::snkc::snkc:
:d::snkc: > :dp::snka:
:d::snkc: > :qcb::snkc::snkc:
:l::snka: :snka: :d::snka: :snkb: > :snkb::snkc: > :qcb::snkb:
:d::snkc: > :l::snka::snkc: :snka: :snka: :d::snka: :snkb: > :snkb::snkc: > :qcb::snkb:
> :qcf::snka: > :qcf::snka: > :dp::snka: > :dp::snkb: after the first :snkb:

(Activate speed combo :d::d::snka:/:snkb:)
:snka: :snkb: :snkc: :d::snkc: :d::snka: :d::snkc: > :r::snkb::snkc: > (Quickly cancel into) :l::db::d: :snkc: > :dp::snka: > :dp::snkb:
(Corner only) (Activate speed combo :d::d::snka:/:snkb:)
:snka: :snkb: :snkc: :d::snkc: :d::snka: :d::snkc: > :r::snkb::snkc: > (Somewhat early) :qcb::snka: > (Late) :dp::snka: > :dp::snkb:


:l::snka: :snka: :d::snka: > :snkb: > :qcf::snka: > :r::hcf::snka::snkb:
:l::snka: :snka: :d::snka: > :snkb: > :r::hcf::snkb:


Teleport Glitch Tactics 1

Ok, here’s where things get complicated. If you’re using the teleport glitch, you’re going to want to be using his :snkc: to hit downed opponents most of the time, not his :df::snkb:. This is because you can cancel into his teleport from it.
After any successful knockdown, you’ll want to run in, hit them with :snkc:, then cancel into either the :snka: or :snkb: teleports to get the mind-games going.

One of my favourites is:

(Knockdown) > Dash-in > :snkc: > (Wait half a second for them to try something)
:l::db::d: :snkb: (:snka::snkc:) > :l::db::d: :snka: (:snka::snkc:) > :l::db::d: :snkb: (:snka::snkc:) > Then either:
Dash-in throw
Jump straight up > Dash-in throw
One of the speed combos listed above
Jump-in, then continue into one of the speed combos listed above
Block if you think they’re going to try and DP/poke you.

You can create any number of variations on this.

Teleport Glitch Tactics 2

Another thing you can do with the teleport that adds to his broken-ness is using it as a way to punish ground recoveries. The same principle that applies to the knockdowns applies here, only this time, after a knockdown, when you teleport in to follow-up after the :l::db::d: :snkb: (:snka::snkc:), quickly dash-in and hit :l::snka: and then follow-up into the :snka: :d::snka: :snkb: > :snkb::snkc: > :qcb::snkb: combo. From there, you can either dash-in again to punish another recovery, or if he doesn’t, use :snkc: and start the mind-games again. You have to guess beforehand whether they’re going to recover or not though.
This will only work with :l::snka:.
:snka: isn’t fast enough to hit.

Teleport Glitch Tactics 3

One last nasty thing about it is that it essentially allows you to end all your combos safely (if you don’t get red parried or guard cancelled anyway).
Any normal can be cancelled with the :l::db::d::snka:/:snkb: (:snka::snkc:) teleport essentially giving you more mix-up options as well as a safe ender/getaway.

A favourite is:
(Blocked) :l::snka: :snka: :d::snka: > :df::snkc: > :l::db::d::snkb: (:snka::snkc:) > Dash-in throw.
(If they’re in the corner, make sure you throw them back “into” the corner).

This is why I recommend you learn him without the glitch first. It’ll take a long time before you can glitch the teleport consistently and quickly enough to make it look like you’re a living blur, and it’ll distract you from playing properly at first. Plus, he’s the only character who has this, so if you become dependant on it, it’ll impact your performance with the other characters.
Get the basics down before you even start worrying about this.


If you decide to play him on power. Keep in mind that he loses a lot of his combo ability, but he’s still a strong hit and run character because of his teleport. If you can get his :d::snkc:, :l::snka: link down consistently, it’ll help you out a lot. Also, remember that you can greatly reduce the recovery on those :qcb: slashes, so make sure to do this if you’re not great at hit confirming. This also means that messing up the :d::snkc: link is a little more forgiving, because you’re not necessarily a sitting duck if it’s mis-timed and blocked.
Learn to hit confirm his standing :snka: into his DM from a jump-in as well. It’s the only real comeback tool he has. If you can combo into it consistently from his :d::snkc: link, then you might have something going with him on power, but you’re totally fucked if it misses.

Otherwise, he has some of the best safe rush-down in the game, and he can play safe hit and run if he decides he needs to. Just don’t get too predictable with the teleports. They’re godly, but they don’t make you invincible.

Miscellaneous crap

-:uf::snka: and :d::snka: are good pokes.
-:uf::snkc: can cross-up.
-:d::snkc: is useful for mix-ups, especially since you can combo out of it (even if it’s difficult to do so).
-He has an infinite with :l::snka::snka::d::snka: > :snkb: > :l::db::d::snkb: (:snka::snkc:) > :l::snka::snka::d::snka: > :snkb: > (Repeat), but it’s banned as you might expect. Some tourneys will allow one repetition.
-Use :qcb::snka: or :dp::snka: to punish people who constantly air recover.
-:d::snkb: is a pain in the ass to cancel off of. I try to stay away from it.
-:l::snkb: will give you a sort of vertical slash.
-His :r::snkb: is a great long range poke if you use it conservatively.
-As with a lot of other characters, you can dash under someone who’s in the air and jump-cancel into
:d::snkc: and then follow-up with a combo/mix-up. This is risky so be careful.
-The teleport glitch is allowed in most tournaments.

(I added this guide to the wiki as well)


Wow, mad thanks for all your work here!

I never knew infinites were banned. I used to play Walchuk on Kaillera way back when, and he’d abuse Akari’s against me and I’d use Zan’s AC.

You missed one thing with Speed Hibiki though…

If you combo into dp+B, you can cancel it into her counter (whiff) and then connect a speed combo while they’re in that stun. Gotta be rather close for dp+B to stun them, but IIRC it still gets more damage than comboing into the DM.

I never read this forum much before, so that’s how I missed this. Boy am I sorry for that…many thanks once again!


Well, most of my posts here are hardly in-depth anyway, but thanks for listing it.
I’m not a huge fan of that combo though, because:
A) You have to be like point blank for it to connect, and her DM is combo-able from way further away.
B) The timing on it is tight, and if you screw up, you basically blew your meter and left yourself open for attack.
C)You have to do the :dp::snkb: almost instantly for it to connect. There’s no time to hit confirm it.

I usually just hit it off a reset in the corner, because Hibiki’s strongest there anyway.


Is it just me, or does the code for Unawakened Kaede not work in console mode ?


It’s just you.
C9, B1, C4.

Gotta do it fast.


Maybe its Kawaks then, cause every time I tried it in console mode I never heard Kaede’s voice to confirm the cheat worked. Worked fine every time in Arcade mode though.


Dunno why you’d use kawaks anyway considering that 95% of the people online use MAME.
Kawaks has really terrible desyncing issues with older Neo Geo games as well. Samurai Shodown 4 and Last Blade 2 are especially bad.


You mean 95% of America right :wonder: ?.

Most people in europe use Kawaks, prolly 80%.


Hm, Kyokuji… Do you know anything about speed Okina? So far, what I’ve toyed around with is pretty fun… but any indepth help?


I actually posted a quick rundown of Okina on the first page.
I really wouldn’t recommend him as a starting character, but remember that his rod is unblockable and comboable. You want to go in and out quickly with Okina. Do a quick combo, then back off and start zoning again and wait for another opportunity. Stick with jumping A and C most of the time.


Thanks, I’ll check that first page.

Any rec’s for a starting character?


It’s at the bottom of the first post, but:

Speed Setsuna
Power Mukuro
Speed Moriya
Speed Zantetsu
Speed Akari

-are all good starter characters.