Last Blade 2 Character Guides/Advanced System thread


Hey,here is the frame data of Last Blade 2

They have power,speed and EX versions


how do you even read that alien text :rofl:


That’s the same site osh found. Use google catche and copy the text you want translated and try it that way.

Edit: I think that’s the site I found a long time ago actually.


Yeah, but it’s mostly useless stuff - doesn’t even go deep enough to include any frame numbers for anything.

also @StoneDrum, I was thinking more along the lines of getting a translation for a small list of terms - I doubt he’ll have time to translate huge paragraphs of stuff. Plus him posting the response via twitter would probably be a pain. For the larger paragraphs, google translate + existing knowledge of the game should be enough to figure most of it out anyway methinks.


Been spending some time in the training room with Hibiki and I find it interesting that she can cancel into her special moves/DM/SDM off from Run+B. Even more interesting that in Speed/EX Mode, after executing Run+B, she cancel into Down+B > Forward+B > 623+B (very useful if the opponent is placed in the corner for combo possibilities).

I also recently find out that after executing Shikabane wo koeyuku nari (2,2B), she can drop the initial hit of the chain combo and link into her normal moves and SDM.


Yeah all characters get the chains from dashing B in speed/ex. It’s a reliable way for Moriya to combo 2B and be able to cancel it. I.e. Dash B, 2B, BC, 214B, 623A,623B vs cornered opponent. It’s stylish for sure and good damage for most everyone. Washizuka dash B, 2B xx [4] 6 C, 236 C etc. you can’t cancel forward B though to my knowledge.

Character that can combo out of 22A/B of the top of my head: Hibiki (B), Akari (B), Juzoh (B), Yuki (B), Amano (22B, HEADBUTTS) , Zantetsu (after most hits of one of his speed combos) o.kaede (A) and I think Kaede can off of 22A as well, I’ll have to check. Edit: Kaede 22A, 4A into stuff. There’s probably more but most are for style. Zantetsu and Akari can do it for awesome combos and to build a bunch of meter back.

Edit: Mukuro can do 22A/B A,B,C,2C,6AC then link 4A into whatever. Forgot about that one .


I’m kinda struggling with Amano, maybe cuz once the opponent is in I get wrecked. It seems like all of his normals are unsafe on block up close, or at least negative to the point where it’s impossible to guess whether I should immediately block or get my ass thrown xD


Poke with 2A, cancel into 646B xx damage when it hits. You should be able to block anything they try after if they block, if you are in throw range though you are possibly screwed since throws are damn near instant. 4B (BCD) is good for poking too.


The PS4 version is a real disappointment. Noticeable input lag and smearing when the characters move quickly.


my exact issues… it’s really disappointing


Fightcade ftw. Get the ps4 version to support the game, play it on fightcade


Basically what Dracula said, though the PS4 version isn’t all that bad, as long as you don’t bypass 100 pings. For the afterimage filter, I thought that has already existed on home console versions?


I don’t want to support a half assed cash in. If SNK wants to be a real company dedicated to games again, they should output quality.


@Dracula_X or anyone, you play last blade 1? if so what do you think? seems like a really different game because of infinites


FYI for anyone in the Denver colorado area

there’s an arcade called hyperspace 80’s that has two snk cabinets with the 161 games in 1 cartridges. This includes LB1 and 2 among other games.


Is there a Discord chat for this game? I don’t see anyone on Fightcade ever :frowning:


@Richter Yeah it’s here:

That’ll expire in a day though


Awesome, thanks :tup:


Discord permalink:


Game is out on steam now. Same online as PS4 i.e. Delay based netcode