Last blade 2 - Ex Mode Macro


Hello everyone!

I’m playing the wonderful game Last Blade 2 on winkawaks emulator. Having played with power and speed mode for a while now, I’d like to try ex-mode as well.
Unfortunately I can’t make the code work and I would like to avoid smashing the w and e buttons of my laptop. Thus I thought about using winkawaks macros, I have tried in particular the combination: r,3,3,3,3,3,3,l,2,2,2,r,3,3,3,3 but that doesn’t work, meh.

Any tips would be much appreciated!!! thank you very much in advance,



Ive been playing it on Supercade alot lately… i wish i could get that code to work too - i really want to try out EX Juzoh :\


Do it slowly and at a consistent rhythm. Don’t rush it. I used to have trouble until I started slowing down my inputs but still inputting it within 3 seconds (which when you start to do the code, it’s plenty of time.) Got to have a certain cadence with it. But yeah, mashing it ASAP doesn’t work.


I finally got it down when i realized you could use the code for training mode, was easy to keep hitting “character change” til i got it right. Thats true to keep it steady and fluid, but i think i was doing it too slow before… thanks for the tip - I also got the BOSS code working too :]


Hi @SuperTurbolax and @Laban and thank you for your answers.
I’ve been experimenting relentlessly in the last year and half, day and night, varying the amount of commas, 3,2 and 1’s. And I finally got the right combination.
I missed some life events, like the birth of my first child and other stuff, but I guess that playing Kagami in EX mode pays enough for all those lost moments.
So, here it goes, please treasure this brief string of commas and random numbers like it was the one ring and you were Gollum: r,3,3,3,3,3,3,l,2,2,2,r,3,3,3,3

My job here is done. Now I must find a way to beat speed Moriya, so see you in a couple of decades!



@Shinnosuke I’m glad you’re able to do that now. Now as a way to pay me back for helping you, please don’t miss the remainder of your child’s and any future children’s important life events. You’re welcome.


Macross in Winkawaks counts frames,not?


As far I I know they do. I remember messing with them to see how low omega red could air dash after super jump in cota.

@Shinnosuke play me on fightcade in lb2 sometime