Last Blade 2 Matchmaking

For the failed tournament that the great nightwing won, it was requested by Hajime that a matchmaking thread would be made. So now I will setup and IRc server and update yah

Here’s a better idea:
Why don’t you just continue the tournament with the people who are still here?

Because we tried that.


Then it seems to me that you need to set some guidelines…I.E. disqualify people who haven’t reported for their matches within a certain amount of time.

Back to the matchmaking thing…just picked up this game a couple days ago and I love it. Is there a specific server that’s best for finding LB2 games?

i play lb2 in Godsweapon and Daroms server or p2p client which is awesome :slight_smile:

Shiki i would’ve beaten you anyways.

Daroms is better look for me NightWing

Okay, even so does that mean you automatically win the tournament?

Especially considering MANY times I told you I was available to play?
I don’t know much about the Kaillera scene, but it seems to me that tournaments must not mean anything to most of you…

Ok lets finish this
i got a lb2 room up now

Hmmm… The lb2 community is pretty small (on kaillera at least), 15 people max? It’s hard to find different people to play with. How can we get more people interested in lb2, anyone?

We bum rush into their homes and we give em an offer they can’t refuse

lol. i just found this thread and it seems interesting. i’m an average LB2 player but i never had any real experience with top level players. and neither with online battle.

That didn’t work the first time. You know what Einstein said about expecting different results from doing the same thing. right?

Oh yah GG’z shinki that was some good matches

damn U-keade damage out put blows, only in power is he decent…( GOD DAMNED S MORIYA dash SPAM)

If anyone wanna play aim me

wats ur aim?

Im down for lb2 matches if any one is up for it. im not to great though



I just heard about playing MAME online. I bought Bakumatsu Roman for PS2 a few months ago and I really like it! If I pick up the PSX/USB convertor (is there any you recommend? The one in the Beginner’s FAQ is no longer available) I will want to play you people! My question too, is, how much is the lag compared to playing this game online in MAME and offline (on console or computer)?