Last Blade 2 on 2DF

I’ve been playing on 2DF for more than a month now, and I’m starting to really like it. Mainly because the lag on 2DF is severely less for lb2. One of the down side is that there is no dip switch option, so there isn’t really any good way to avoid playing on laggy stages. On the plus side, I can play people from Asia, South America, and Europe w/ little or no lag issues. One thing I don’t like about kaillera is the input delay, and that’s not really a problem on 2DF. Also, there are a lot of really good players from other countries on 2DF, so the lb2 community on 2DF is much bigger than kaillera.

Well, my point is to people who still play lb2 on mame consider switching to 2DF, if possible. It’s much better for the above reasons.

LB2 on there has the same problem as KoF, from what I’ve seen. It’s like 90% latinos and koreans.

although I suck count me in

soon I’ll be there on 2DF

What’s wrong with Latinos and Koreans? Racist! Hahaha!! How would you know anyway? I thought you were having your stick worked on? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, the lag isn’t as bad as you would think covering those distances. Yeah, it’s an issue but it’s better than playing on public servers with 90-100 ping. I can play with people as distant as Russia, Chile, and (gasp) Japan with acceptable levels of lag. Of course I can’t play everyone in these locales, but I have been able to play some. You’ll only have a problem defending some of the more potent high/low stuff. It’s about the same for me as it was playing on Reps. Unfortunately, in high level matches it does tend to favor the more aggressive players. It’s still worth playing IMO.

Well I’ve watched a few replays and such but I’m on dial up at the moment so playing is impossible.

Come september I ought to start playing there if anyone is still around.

I’m sure the latinos will still be around.