Last Blade 2 on Kaillera

I have the rom for LB2 but for some reason, whenever I try to play against someone on Kaillera, it says I don’t have the rom… Any suggestions?

what emu? does it work for you offline at all? do you have neogeo bios?

  1. MAME32 .64
  2. Yes, it works offline
  3. Yes, I have the Neogeo bios

there’s a bug that occurs in kaillera sometimes that effect the names of games snk ones mainly. e.g. Last Blade 2 / Bakumatsu Roman - Dai Ni Maku Gekkano Kenshi, The which is the correct name sometimes appears as The Last Blade 2 / Bakumatsu Roman - Dai Ni Maku Gekkano Kenshi

because kailera doesn’t do initial checksums, the “The” at the beginning rather than at the end of the title makes kaillera think that the games are different even though they are not. as a result you can’t play otehr people which sucks.

try re-downloading mame32k .64 from and a “mame specfic” LB2 rom. this is what worked for me.

There’s actually a button for it.
Next to the heart icon at the top toolbar. It says “The”, try clicking it and it should put the “the” after the name.

Wow though, someone who actually wants to play Last Blade, lol.
Hop on over to the GodWeapon server. I’ll be happy to show you a world of pain :smiley:

yeah theres not only a bug that u get with games but there are alot of “bad version copies of games” Kof 2002 and Last Blade both have had these bad versions floating around.

  • By the way next time PM him where to get the “correct version” so that the moderators wont jump down your throat for talkin about where one can get roms. has no roms. I know this, so no moderation of the post is needed. You can post up where to get emulators, plugins, etc. It’s all legal. Roms aren’t exactly tho.

LOL, good point.

Didnt use to carry roms way back when?

Yeah, I’d really appreciate if someone could hook me up with that… :wgrin:

Did you try my suggestion with clicking the “The” button next to the heart icon in Mame32k?

Hey My freind is going to DL kaillera soon and we mostly play rage of the dragons & LB2 off of the (NeoRageX) emu but I was just wondering which servers have lots of comp for either game because that could save us lots of time without having search each sever to find the good players,if so I would really appreciate that information. And one other thing, does kaillera only work with mame, well my friend has mame too but I think RageX is better.

Thanks alot!!!

Kaillera only works with Kawaks and Mame32k, but Kawaks has bad desyncing issues with most Neo Geo games so everyone uses Mame32k.
You can get it at
Make sure you get the anti3d.DLL and put it in the Mame folder too.

NeoRage is outdated as hell, there’s nothing about it that’s better than mame, or kawaks or even Nebula.

Check the stickied “The Beginners Guide to MAME” topic for some good MAME settings. If it doesn’t run well, it’s probably because your computer sucks.

WRONG. Kaillera has been included in everything from Atari (Stella) to NES (Jnes) to recently SNES (SNES9k)

heres a good list for you to see most of what kiallera has been included in

I know, but he’s obviously only interested in playing those Neo Geo fighters online.
Otherwise I would’ve listed Gens, JNES, Snes9K, Project64k, Final Burn etc, etc.

I listed those 2 because those are the only ones people really use online, and in NA servers it’s pretty much just MAME.

Yeah I don’t really care about those other games that much but thanks anyway

BTW no one answered my questions about the servers, which ones are good or which ones do you guys play on I’m just looking for lots of comp. Is there a thread with a list of servers because if so I should check it out.

GodWeapon is the main, and people usually go to anti3D when GodWeapon goes down.

Yeah, it didn’t help at all…
The oddest part of it all is that on my MAME program, it appears as if LB2 is unavailable, even in singleplayer, but if i click on it, it runs perfectly…

then, like i said your rom isn’t a mame specific one. you’ll have to find one that is

Any key words that i could type into google to narrow down the search?