Last blade 2 thread

i’m just getting into this game… it seems somewhat fun… but can i get a rundown on basics / strategies… like… repel, and what it does, and a good character to start out with

Man I could write pages about this game…

For now though, I’ll keep this short.

Parrying: Neutral and Forward+D work on standing moves and jump attacks, while Down and D/F+D are for low attacks. NEVER do neutral or down, only F and D/F. Reason is that F and D/F work on normals and specials, while Neutral and Down only work on normals. Oh, and I’m not sure how air parrying works exactly…I always do f+D and it works fine.

As far as characters go:

If you like grappling, Shigen is your man.

If you want to play the CvS2 top-tier all over again, go with Musashi (he’s only in the DC version).

If you want to play Storm all over again, Moriya is the one. ONLY in the Neo versions though, the glitch that gave him runaway was removed in the DC one.

If you’re a fan of Makoto, Magneto, or other human slot machines, pick Zantetsu (he’s also far and away the best character in the game).

If you enjoy playing for one hit, I suggest Akari.

If you’d like to have a jumpin that’s tough to beat and easy big damage, use Setsuna.

If you just want to rush down, try Moriya (DC version), Mukuro, Lee, or Hibiki.


thanks for the input… anymore is gladly accepted… i wanna learn more about the game

Yes, I adore this game. We played it here every day on the stand up last year and finally put the cart back in and I’m just relearning it.

First off you have to choose if you want to be a POWER man or SPEED man. Some of the characters are better on speed and some are great with both modes. If you take speed you have to learn the chain combo that all speed characters have, and the (I forget the name) virtually unblockable super turn blue link combo that’s A, B, C, A, B, C, A, B, Dn DnFw Fw + C (have I ever pulled off the whole thing? no).

My favorite character, but the hardest to learn, is Moriya. He’s quite fun as you can go defensive for most of the round and then just go apeshite offense usually catching the other guy off guard. Because of the parry button, you can basically parry and counter to a win if you’ve got the timing. A big part of the game is not being predictable at all because you’ll suffer horribly with the parries. Setsuna is awesome fun to use, but he gets parried hard.

When we played constantly, Lee turned out to be the strongest on any given day, then because we had two die hard Shigen players, Shigen. Then Moriya, Mukuro (probably the strongest character all round but people didn’t play him a ton), Zanetsu (good against Lee), Okina and Kojiro. No one figured out how to play Juzoh or Amano all that well except when we were just learning and an Amano player just cornered and then did his unblockable over and over.

Speed Zantetsu is tooooo goooood. Period, qcf+a, j. AC*7-10 owns for free, plus you can chain into it while in speed. Josh knows quite a bit about this game from what Ive seen, I have a question for him, does Zan. have much use for his Super?

ok… i’m really liking zantetsu…

what’s his moves?

and what does…

speed / power / ex do?

power, speed, and ex are the 3 different modes that you can choose for your character. each mode has it’s advantages and disadvantages:


  • more damage for every single hit
  • every move does block damage, even regular hits
  • super cancels are available
  • super guage builds quickly
  • access to super desperation moves (SDM)
  • blocked regular hits result in a quick stagger animation that prevents the opponent from ever being able to punish with anything big
  • unblockable move (B+C)
  • no chain combos
  • no speed combo super


  • chain combos
  • speed combo super
  • overhead launcher (B+C)
  • characters do less damage per single hit
  • characters take more damage than in power mode
  • meter charges slower than power mode’s
  • no block damage on regular moves
  • no block stagger animation after a normal hit, which means that the opponent has opportunity to counter you hard if you were finishing a blocked chain combo with a B.

this mode combines the best attributes of power and speed but at the cost of a SEVERE damage handicap.

  • super cancels
  • chain combos
  • SDMs
  • speed combo super
  • hits do more damage than speed mode but less than power mode
  • regular moves do block damage
  • HIGH damage taken from power and speed characters
  • meter charges VERY SLOWLY

so overall, power is the best?

It really depends on the character you choose. Shigens SDM is just too much to pass up, and I would never take him speed, but a speed Lee, Zanetsu or even Hibiki are terribly dangerous.

I have the MVS, so there’s no EX mode. I’ve seen it before on the DC version, but haven’t played it enough to evaluate it against the Power or Speed.

I’ve never understood why people cling to Samurai Shodown 2 when Last Blade is around. I loved SS2, but LB is much more modern, has just as cool characters and isn’t so turtly.

SS2 is to LB2 as ST is to A3… each has its place.


i see

what’s zantetsu’s movelist??? i figured some shit out with him, like his dive kick, but sometimes i get 3 hits, others i get up to 5 or 6… how do i manipulate it the way i want? also, what’s his supers, and what moves are good to OTG with???

gamefaqs believe it or not has a decent FAQ for the game… if nothing else it’s a very complete movelist and it diagrams out the different chain paths in speed mode pretty well.


… nah, but gamefaqs is cool for codes and rpg forums… fighting game forums, ddr forums, and fighting game faqs… full of shit… bleh, ther’es a reason for that… they don’t update the faqs to the times, so they’re good faqs… for the day they were written.

thanks… zatetsu is top tier shit… damn

I love this game. SSZ is cool but I would much rather see a Last Blade 3. I wish I had someone to play against.

Can anyone do the follow ups to Shigen’s qcf qcf AB super move? I can’t ever get them to come out. Also has anyone ever figured out how to tech out of his throw?

As far as Zantetsu’s super goes, it’s good if you land a stand B and are just out of range for a QCF+A. If you’re in Speed/EX and have low life and full meter, you can combo the speed special after it.

I actually think he’s better in Power, for a couple reasons:

  1. His SDM is actually useful, especially with his guessing games.

  2. Noticeable increase in damage.

  3. He can still do the j.AC glitch and low Ax2 in Power. That’s all you really need for chains.

Blactaculus: Actually there is a code to use EX Mode in the Neo versions, it’s on gamefaqs somewhere.

Don’t worry too much about it, though, because it’s total crap. The meter filling slowly isn’t really much of an issue, but taking twice as much damage sure is. Plus you barely deal more damage yourself than you do in Speed.

The only characters who get anything out of EX Mode are Kagami and Amano, because they can do ground chain into super only in this mode. Everyone else can also do it in Speed, where you don’t take twice as much damage.


thanks for all the help

any more discussion on this game is fucking cool


Just an update, we put the cart back in the stand up here at work and my coworker is has just forgotten how to play, he used to be very dangerous with shigen. He’s been trying to do a lot of his traps that end in the throws but just can’t get the timing and misses inputs constantly. I’ve just been beating him up and down with every character, but I have a feeling my vacation is going to end soon once he gets his Last Blade legs back (before we had MOTW and Super Dodgeball in the slots). So let’s talk about beating Shigen if you guys have anything to add.

The last match I was Kaede [speed] and just mixed up air and ground fireballs in a constant keep away, then when he got close and tried his throws, I would DP which knocked him out of it about half the time (I don’t know which A B or C versions are vulnerable to a DP move). He did get a corner trap that cost me one round as I could not get out without getting smacked by his heavy slasher (qcb+B) or a throw. But then of course I just air lightning slashed him to death the next round or faked them so he would throw out his DP and then get punished.

Gotta love LB2. Wish I had some competition…

How about some strategies for some unloved chars?
I like Juzoh, Amano and , but not very good with them…

What are some setups for Juzoh’s grabs? His grab into
super really saved me sometimes, but I just can’t land
it much.

What about Amano? His running stick-o-doom seems
good, but lags a bit and this is devastating specially
against speed mode chars. Lee completely destroy me.

I really dont know how to play Kagami. All I can do is
try to do some random deflects and combo. Sometimes
it looks like everything he does is easily countered.

please, some tips from the pros!

kagami IMO is best played in power mode because he isn’t very versatile. his f+B slash has plenty of reach and his super cancel is a very applicable because it’s an anti-air. his SDM can actually be comboed from a jumping B but you need to be quick about it.

i remember watching a LB2 combo vid that showed his infinity in speed mode but i’ve never been able to pull it off.

I actually used to play Juzoh as my main at one point…he sucks.

His problem is that he can’t make people fear his throws due to his lack of anti-air. Anytime he gets close, the enemy can jump backwards with their best air move and be safe unless he parries, in which case they can jump back with nothing.

He is also generally lacking in priority aside from jumping B. His DP+B and QCFx2+AB have good priority as anti-air but godawful startup; they ONLY work as “psychic DPs”. His ground game sucks too…he’s just bad in general. Only Okina is worse IMO.

Amano is a pretty decent character, best played in Power or EX (the latter for chain into running stab into super, which does ridiculous damage). Jump C is almost unbeatable air-to-air and difficult to beat on the ground as well…use it. His DP has great priority at the right range/angle, you need to experiment to find it. The command grab isn’t bad due to its quick motion, although it barely has more range than normal throws. You MIGHT be able to start running, then keep running with d/f, which will allow you to instantly do command grab afterward with just d/f+C; I don’t know if this is true, but it’s a possibility.

Your main focus with him should be landing those super-cancel combos.

As for Kagami, he’s decent in all three modes. Power gives great damage, Speed gives you his great links and the ability to combo his air dive into speed special (timing is strange), and EX gives most of the same stuff as Speed and Power, adds the ability to ground chain into super, but gives you half as much life essentially.

BTW, if you ever land an air-to-air parry with him, you get his air DM or SDM for free.