Last Blade 2 Tier List

Here’s my personal tier list. Mainly influenced by playing matches myself, watching the Japanese, looking at other lists and talking with other players.


God Tier:
Kouryu (Banned obviously)

Top Tier:
Power Zantetsu
Speed Moriya (With 'port glitch)
Power Lee
Power Mukuro

Upper Mid Tier:
Power Amano
Speed Akari
Power Kagami
Speed Shigen/Speed Washizuka
Power Kaede

Mid Tier:
Speed Hibiki
Power/Speed Kojiroh
Power Setsuna
Power Juzoh
Power Okina

Low Tier:
Power Unawakened Kaede
Speed Yuki

I’d say that outside of the top 4, the game is actually pretty well balanced. Most of the mid-tier has a fine chance against all of the upper mid tier.

Fully inclusive list

Top Tier:
Power Zantetsu
Speed Zantetsu
Speed Moriya (With 'port glitch)
Power Lee
Speed Lee
Power Mukuro

Upper Mid Tier:
Power Amano
Speed Akari
Power Kagami
Speed Amano
Speed Kagami
Power Akari
Power Moriya (With 'port glitch)
Speed Mukuro
Speed Shigen/Speed Washizuka
Power Kaede
Power Washizuka
Power Shigen

Mid Tier:
Speed Hibiki
Power Kojiroh/Speed Kojiroh
Power Hibiki
Power Setsuna
Speed Setsuna
Power Juzoh
Speed Kaede
Power Okina
Speed Juzoh
Speed Okina

Low Tier:
Power Unawakened Kaede
Speed Unawakened Kaede
Speed Yuki
Power Yuki

Lots of Japanese LB2 tourney matches here:

Link to my character guides/advanced system thread

I remember seeing Unawakened Kaede doing an infinite is that only a character specific or corner only inf? Just wondering…overall I think you have it down pretty well as far as the tier list goes. Take care.


Well, infinites are never allowed anyway, but that infinite uses a glitch where if you do QCF A/B/C motions in the air, you can keep cancelling your air attacks into other air attacks, effectively creating an air combo.

Kind of like another version of the Zantetsu glitch.
And you need to get your ass on mame sometime.

Wow you must be A VERY good Mukuro player!

Why do you say that? o.o
His damage output is ridiculously high, that’s why he’s in the top 4.

Good list, but you missed out Hibiki and Kojiroh sucks in Power and is far better in Speed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Here is my version …

**[Last Blade 2] **

[Top] Zantetsu (P/S), Mukuro §, Moriya (S), Akari (S)

[Upper] Shigen (S), Lee (S/P), Kagami §, Washizuka (S)

[Mid] Kaede §, Kojiroh (S), Amano §, Setsuna §, Hibiki (S/P), Juzoh §

[Low] Yuki (S), Okina §

Fixed it.

I’d say it’s debatable that Akari and Shigen are above Lee though. Lee is broken in so many ways it’s not even funny. His dodge+attack move lets him play so many disgusting wake-up/jump-in games that it almost gets ridiculous, and if you get hit once with him around, say goodbye to half your lifebar. Not to mention the fact that his jumping C stuffs almost anything.

Hell, the winner and 2nd place holder of the last 2 major a-cho LB2 tournies were both Lee players.
Power and EX respectively.

I never thought Lee was viable in power until I saw how much damage his links into the triple kicks did, and how you can turn one low C into like 80 damage.

Moriya is deadly with his 'port glitch, but in order to really utilize it to its fullest extent, you generally have to play a little dumber than you normally would and focus more on constant pressure.

You could be right about the Kojiroh on speed thing, but she has some nasty stuff on power, with her dash fireballs, a much better poking game (since her standing A has such great range/speed) and her long range unblockable.
I played a Finnish guy who used her really well on power.
She has a nasty :l:+A, :l:+A, :qcb:+B >:qcb::hcf:+AB link.

I would disagree with her being above Amano and Setsuna though.
Amano’s damage output is just monstrously high, and it’s so easy to combo off his crouching A, and Setsuna can get some very nasty damage out as well, and armour makes him a pain in the ass. His low jump B is annoying too.

Amano lacks a reliable anti-air his entire game is practically based around scaring the opponent with j.kick into f,b,f+HS-> Super cancel or c.HS into f,b,f+HS super cancel. Both of which are blocked high. This reduces Amano to throw and low damage only. Most of Amano’s game can be defeated just by tapping up and jumping in against him, cause he has no air defence. I love Amano, but I think he’s definitely on the bottom half of the tier list. Mukuro has the same problem, only he’s got a much more retarded game. get low life-> qcfx2+AB chip to death. You can’t jump it, you can’t block it, you can’t parry it, you’re fucked.

'Eh, what are you talking about?
Amano’s game revolves around his crouching A which hits low, not his crouching HS, and you would never ever jumping C into F B F HS, that doesn’t even link, lol.
You also forget that his standing A, links into his crouching A, which leads into his F B F+A/B which can then be cancelled.

This gives him a nasty mix-up game, because if Amano hits you once with a crouching A, it’s half your lifebar. You can even link several crouching A’s into the rush if your timing is good enough. Crouching HS isn’t bad because it’s easy to block, it’s bad because it’s easy as hell to parry.

Watch the 2004 a-cho tourney with the Amano player who makes it to the finals, or play me on kaillera, and I’ll show you why Amano is so deadly. It’s easy as shit to link crouching A into the rush, and remember that 3 of those will kill you, since with the last one, you’ll have enough meter to chain it into a super.

Speed Amano also has a speed combo which is pretty broken, as it does like 150% damage for some reason.

A good power Mukuro can destroy you with several things:

:l:+A, :l:+A, :qcf: +A
:r: :l: :r: +C, CD
:r: :l: :r: +C, :qcf: + A
:l: +A, :l: +A, :r: +C, :dp: +B
:l: +A, :l: +A, :r:.+C, :r: :l: :r: C, :qcf::qcf: +B
Jumping B, :hcb: +A, :qcf::qcf: +AB

If you’re relying on random :qcf::qcf: +AB to chip somebody to death as your main strat’ with Mukuro, then you’re gonna lose buddy, lol. The start up on it is so slow that people will see it coming a mile away, and others will just guard cancel you.

And it’s true that Amano has no real anti-air, but his jumping C has such great range and priority that it essentially makes up for it. A backwards low jump C works just as well as Kaede’s uppercut slash. You’ll rarely see good players using anti-airs outside of combos anyway, because a good player will see it coming and just air parry it, and a lot of jumping attacks like Lee’s jumping C can actually go through a lot of anti-airs.

Besides, Japanese players use low jumping half the time, and anti-air is crap against that.
Good players will generally use jumping anti-air normals to repel air attacks, not anti-air moves.

The exceptions are Lee and power/EX Akari since they have extreme priority on their anti-air moves, and Moriya’s :dp:+A is pretty quick/reliable as well although not as crazy as the other 2’s AA’s.

Werd. I didn’t Amano had f,b,f+B off c.A shiiiite. That makes him retarded. I meant j.C, c.B xx f,b,f+B of course.

At any rate, this game isn’t tournament worthy.

Judging from your comments about Amano and Mukuro, I don’t think you’re in a position to say that, lol.

Whatever, where in Ontario are you? You should teach me to play. I’m in Ottawa.

Nowhere near Ottawa, lol.

Reading your list made me replay LB2, so I picked Setsuna, and played until I got to Mukuro & damn did he OWN me in round 1! Now I remember the MANY TIMES I LOST TO HIM when I played this at an arcade! That move where he dashes low to the ground then slash you with his blades was ANNOYING!
IMO Setsuna is High tier, his combos do A LOT of damage. Him & Kagami are the ones I pick the most in this game (I <3 Kagami’s SDM).

The problem with Setsuna is that he’s parry bait.
All his slashes come out really slowly, and they hit twice, so you can block the first hit, and parry the second. He also has trouble counter attakcing against quick characters like Lee.

His combos can be quite damaging, but Mukuro does the same amount of damage with:
:l:+A, :hcf:+A, :u:+B+:hcb:(x2 or 3) and both Zantetsu and Lee have about the same damage he does, and a lot more tools to get that damage in.

Setsuna’s game pretty much relies on getting that armour on, and nailing you with a low jumping attack into :d: B, into :qcf:+A, into :qcf::qcf:+AB, or turning armour on and just going for a lot of throws.

Yuki is Low Tier?

Almost all of us have negative rep :rofl:

Hm, found something new with speed Okina.
Crouching C into :dp:+A.
I was stuck on power Okina before, but this gives speed Okina a much more deadly close up game, because crouching C has great range, and the :dp:+A still connects because the C moves Okina in.
Also, Power Okina basically has 0 super options since it’s near impossible to link into the 2 that he has, while speed Okina can easily get a speed combo off.

Power Okina’s probably still the best option since Okina’s combo ability is crap, but this makes speed Okina a little more viable at least.

This thread needs more information about the characters. I’m trying to get into this game, but I found the other LB2 thread created last year in this forum is very lacking when it comes to helpful information, and it is supposedly not even correct info. So Kyo and anyone, post everything you know…yeah.

Mainly abuseable stuff with Moriya, Zantetsu, Mukuro and Shigen (Speed, Speed, Power and Speed respectively).

I’d make a LB2 general info topic, but I’m too lazy to write anything comprehensive right now, and I don’t know how many people would really care.

Maybe I’ll get around to it eventually.

Also, just a quick question to any high level Kagami users.
How the hell do you link his :l::snka: off :d::snkc:? I can do every other stupid power link except this one. I know the timing is strict, but it can’t be ‘that’ strict. I’ve seen several Japanese players hitting it almost 100% of the time. Is there some trick I’m missing?

EDIT: Figured it out. You use :l::snka::snkc: