Last Blade 2 Tournament - continue

so here it is, I’ll try to finish hosting this for Hajime

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Rules are the following, PLEASE READ!!!

You will play a set of 3 matches, and those who win the first 2 match will be the winner.

Rounds: 5
Health: default
Time: default
Characters: Unawakened Kaede is allowed. Boss and the special code morphing character are banned.
Ex mode is allowed.

you can ONLY switch character after a match, if you LOSE the previous match. Same with modes, you can ONLY switch modes after a match, if you LOSE the previous match.

All infinites are NOT allowed.
Moriya’s AC glitch is allowed only once in a combo.

Upon violation of any of the above rules, that match will not count (not just the round), and you must replay the match.
Any match hampered by game-disrupting bugs (bugs that will either disable the players from continuing the round which the game occured in, or ones that disrupt the game time for more than 3 seconds) must be replayed.

Stages NOT allowed, for lag reasons:

If you want to sign up for the tournament, please post here with:

  1. your Kaillera alias
  2. your availability during the week with hours listed
  3. method of contact

Mame32K 0.64 will be used for all matches.
Kaillera p2p is highly recommanded, but it is not necessary since I know that some people desync during p2p play.

Player list:

  • Mushishi Ginko
  • Setsuna (out, replaced by Susejmai)
  • Izule
  • Muukuu
  • s4ndm4n21
  • Reason
  • WilMaster
  • Stafos
  • EvilSamurai
  • JuNo
  • Keo-Bas
  • RushedDown (out, replaced by NightWing)
  • NightWing
  • Susejmai’s%20bracket.JPG’s%20bracket.JPG


Ok, the tourney has started.
The matches will be coordinated between the players. Once a match is finished, the players will post on this forum the winners and the losers (including the number of matches won, and the corresponding characters played)

For example:
Winner ABC
round 1: ABC: S. Moriya, CDE: P. Kaede
round 2: ABC: S. Moriya, CDE: S. Shigen
round 3: ABC: S. Moriya, CDE: P. Kaede

For the loser bracket, there will be 1 match where 3 players will be involved. All three players will play each other, so that’s 3 matches total. (e.g. A vs B, B vs C, and A vs C) The player in the end who has the most rounds won wins the match.

Good luck everyone!

I don’t get it am i out or in

yea, you’re out. There’re only four more matches to go: Susejmai vs. JuNo, loser’s bracket’s final, s4ndm4n21 vs. loser’s bracket’s winner, and the final championship

EDIT: Suesjmai just dropped from the tournament, so JuNo you are up against Mushishi next

EDIT: JuNo dropped from the tournament. Mushishi u are up against s4ndm4n21 next.

can i take someone’s spot in this if they’re aren’t playing Reasonli if possible?

damn this tournament is crap

lol, yea, I know. Ppl seems to have little commitment online.
Maybe next time someone can organize a better one. I think match deadlines should be set up before-hand. The bracket graphic can also be improved.

Well, just for your entertainment, I uploaded some match videos.

and to Braver, it’s probably too late to join at this stage. Both Mushishi and I are still active players, so the tourney should be concluded pretty soon.

I’d love to join next time! Just got BR2 working and really want to play people of your high level and learn a thing or two. :wink:

I’m going to have to bow out of tournament. Free time is going to be tough for me to come by for the next few weeks. I’m a bit behind in my coursework and I have to work double-time to do well on my finals. I was looking forward to a rematch with s4ndm4n, but it’s not going to happen anytime soon. I don’t think it’s fair to the remaining players if I stay in the mix. Good luck to S4ndm4n21 and Reason in the final.

To Mushishi: oh well, school first as always, good luck on your finals.

To s4ndm4n21: ok, let’s get this over with, i’m free this weekend.

well i couldn’t believe this myself, but I also got caught up with academic. I will take a break from lb2 for now for this quarter. So s4ndm4n21 wins by default. Hopefully there’ll be a better one organized this summer, at which I believe ppl would have more time.

uhhh… wooo… hoo? haha ya reason i saw u log on msn on saturday and after a bit i was about to msg u to c if u wanted to do it but u logged off >_< Oh wellz

Congrats to S4ndm4n21 on winning the tournament.

It’s a shame the tournament fell apart towards the end. I think next time it should be either a single day event or a weekend at most. This kinda open-ended thing just doesn’t work. Even if we only get 75% of the community to play on a single day it’s better than this.

I think it’d also be cool if we could establish a universal platform . If it allowed us to record matches that’s even better. Unfortunately, the Nov 01/02 p2p client doesn’t seem to work for enough people to be universal. I tried NeoFBA and it seemed okay, but it had some issues with the BIOS support and the controller mapping was a bit of a pain. However, if we can get some form of p2p working for nearly everyone it’d be worth the extra effort.

to s4ndm4n21: haha, now you start responding to the thread, and I never realized that the guy with the long weird username was you!

to Mushishi Ginko: if the purpose of using p2p is simply to record the match, mame32k 0.64 has a built-in input recording function (hold down “shift+contrl” while clicking “start” on kaillera client). Some of the servers out there seem to work even better than p2p.

I haven’t had any public servers respond the way a good P2P connection does. Personally, I feel a huge difference. For example, I basically can’t play the Washizuka pressure game above a certain degree of latency. The problem is magnified when you’re playing someone who’s geographically distant, and it’s nearly impossible to get “excellent” quality games on public servers. The issue you and I have playing P2P is caused by funky routing, and is purely a networking issue.

My comment about recording has more to do with stability than anything else. I wasn’t aware that mame 0.64 had recording functionality native to the client. I’d be curious if it increases the likelihood of d/s.

I’m just saying it would be nice if some of the more active players tested out some of the newer emus and clients. That’s all I was trying to say.

I agree with Mushishi 100%, server play is useless when compared to p2p.

I only play on a server if someone has connection problems, or they’re a scrub and I’m too lazy to set them up with the p2p client.

The problem is finding people on P2P, thats near impossible. I prefer it but when I’m looking for a random match I only ever have luck on normal Kaillera… also the player switch function makes it great for groups of 3-4.

Just so we’re clear. I’m talking about tournament play here. I’m not saying the community should move to 100% P2P. That’s not terribly realistic at present, but that may change as P2P clients evolve.

Sorry, I misunderstood your meaning. But as I’m sure you’d like as well, moving the community to P2P would be fantastic, as it doesn’t look like Kaillera is going to be any less laggy in the near future. I haven’t done this game on P2P, but others which I have the difference is night and day.

Someone needs to test out nFBA with me.

I played someone yesterday and it felt like there was way less delay that even mame p2p.

Only problem is the lag stages…but I don’t play any of those characters anyways.