Last Blade 2 - Tournament rules?


I’ve read a few of LB2 tourney rules, and they’re all different. There are a lot of bugs - like Zantetsu’s AC, - that are prohibited in some tourneys but allowed in others. Is there a “golden standart” for this game?

And what do you guys think about Zantetsu’s AC, Moriya teleport glich, etc. in tournament play?

EDIT: I’ve stumbled upon Total Eclipse of SNK, a popular japanese tournament. Does anyone know the rules for this one?


Last blade 2? isn’t that the game with the capcom characters fight with the snk characters?


Google at least.


Basically Kouryu is banned, Zantetsu’s ac glitch is banned, and infinites are banned or kept to 1 or 2 reps (Akari using 4B in the corner twice for example. For Moriya the teleport glitch is allowed for mixup and stuff but not in an infinite combo. There’s a video on YouTube explaining the lb2 rules for eclipse, I’ll see if I can find it