Last Blade 2 Tourney

Mushishi Ginko
Return of Shiki
R o c k L e e

1.Mame32K 0.64 Kaillera
2.Game Options
Time: Normal
Rounds: 3
Secret Characters: BANNED
Zantetsu infinite Bug: BANNED
4.Sun Aug 5th LAST DAY TO SIGN UP!!!
5.Players will be matched together since time complications each player must decide an appropriate time for there match if any further complications due to time please inform me through the forum or PM.
6.When the match is decided the winner to post there winnings by score
eg. 2-1
7.Losers will have a 2nd chance opportunity 2 redeem themselves for the Loser tournament.
8.If any other rulez should be considered post it on forum.
Recommended stages to ensure quality game play: Blue Sky, Yuki-Machi, Elephant, Forest, Battlefield

Matches: From Kyokuji
Return of Shiki vs Hajime
R o c k L e e vs Nightwing1990
ThrowTheDice vs Stafos_Knight
Mushishi Ginko vs Ultimae_Braver
Hitaroo0 vs keo-bas
Tournament Starts on Monday August 6th - 10th. PM your opponet and set a date between the 6th and the 10th. Good Luck and may the best man win.

I’ll join :slight_smile:
all thats left is more lb2 players >.< which is hard to find these days

I’d like to join in. How do kaillera tournaments usually work? IMO playing on public servers would certainly be less than ideal.

Either way I hope some/all of the following players will take part.
Hitokiri Battousai

Alright, I’m good. I’ll join AS LONG AS THE PEOPLE i’M PLAYING ARE PLAYING ON LAN. Or else, its just pointless joining cuz everything just responds much much too later than when I press it.

bah i’m to late

if you want to join u can still sign up daracula im looking for like 9 - 10 people

Sure thing. Though i can usually only play at night (after 9pm or so cst) after my kids are asleep.

If this is still going, sign me up…

I’ll play in any LB2 tourney.

Just tell me where to go and what to do…

Hey, I’m Hajime. I think a lot of lb2 players know me. I’d like to join the tourney if it doesn’t cost money. I also want to revive the lb2 community, and I definitely need help from you guys.

I’m relatively new at Kaillera, so I’ll see if I can get things going for me in time, because I need me some competition.

Friday before 5:30 Pacific time works for me, not Sat or Sun.

Personally, I don’t think a 1 day event will work. The community is small as it is. I don’t think you’ll get a good cross section of the community to attend at a specific date and time.

i’m in

Now we have 10 players. I asked Kross, and he might join too. I think we should have the flow chat of players first. Then the paired up players can set up a time in which it works for both. Then one of the players should record the entire game. Then we’ll just post it somewhere (as a proof and fun).

I’m gonna pass on entering unless you absolutely need one more player. As arrogant as it might sound, I’d like to see what the brackets are like without me around.
My money’s on Mushishi for 1st and Dracula for second.

Bobo hates playing on anything less than excellent, so I doubt he’d want to do a tourney.
Hitokiri’s been gone for a while. No idea where he is.
Zelikazi’s still in Japan.
Abar was mostly playing A3 and other shit last I saw, and he wouldn’t even admit it was him half the time for some reason.
The rest of the vets like Rr, Kaede, hello, etc., are european which kinda cuts them out of entering.

You should probably lay out the rules though.
I’m assuming it’s no infinite loops, and no AC crap. Are you allowing Zantetsu? And in what capacity?

Go ahead kyokuji i’ll let you in the tournament from what i’ve heard you’ve gotten rusty anyway

dems be fightin’ wurdz yo.


So you in?