Last Boss Speculation

I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a Satsui No Hadou Kazuya/Jin or a Devil Gene Akuma/M.Bison.

What do you guys think? And with the recent trend of Mugen characters in AE (Oni and Evil Ryu) I’m sure they’re going to be colourful.

Sub boss:… Nancy?
Boss: Heihachi and M Bison with both being on the field at the same time. Think Juni and Juli sub boss.

It’ll be similar to CvS2 where depending on certain factors, it’ll be either Heihachi or Dictator.

That would be cool. Either that or a giant boss like Azazel.

why not have a boss team?
heihachi/bison if you lose a round or something and if you meet certain conditions, devil jin/shin akuma. or something along those lines.

I could see the initial boss battle being Bison/Heihachi, and the final boss likely being True Ogre.

final boss should definitely be Dan

Most likely a new character. Robo Dan or Devil Ryu or some off the wall crap. (Just my opinion on what Ono would do)

Blah the final Boss is Giga Haggar

Should be Devil Akuma for the pun factor. Also it would get me legitimately interested in playing the game

Devil Dan. Gadoukens stay on the field.

Other suggestions:

  • Saikyo Jin
  • Pandemonium Hugo
  • Megaman Trigger
  • Lars with some sort of gun
  • Mokujin’s Momma (giant Mokujin)
  • Eagle with an actual eagle


I bet the sub boss will be Devil Dan with Go’s abilities and more powerful than akuma.

And his entrance needs to be him throwing away Kazuya in a reverse of the first CGI movie lol.

oh, and this is Giga Haggar’s entrance

Devil Kuma


If you thought that was awesome/anooying/funny/stupid, then please troll other by posting this on some other forum.

I still vote Blackest Dee Jay. To see what he looks like, pick his HD Remix MK color. BLACKEST.

Only if his maracas are replaced with fried chicken drumsticks.

can this be his theme?