Last Bronx.


Does anyone remember this game ?

I remember playing it a lot on PC a few years back.
Nothing serious but was a lot of fun with buddies.


Looking back at it, it seems like a fairly solid game.
Not sure if it’s anything special but does not seem horribly bad.

No idea how it was played at a high level or if it ever was.

Was there ever a scene for it ?
I read it was popular in Japan for a while.

Was it any good ? broken ?

Anyone got any tier list or match footage ?


There’s a PC version of Last Bronx. It’s been awhile since I played so I can’t remember if it has netplay. Chances are though, my memory is off and it’s wishful thinking on my part since the PC version of VF2 has netplay.

Good music…makes me want to play this game again.


Oh shit Wakamoto voices Kurosawa: [media=youtube]vw-AcRz7DrI[/media]

Now i seriously need to my cd.


Found my copy.

Yes there is netplay on the PC version.


I wonder how solid Last Bronx’s netplay is. VF2’s netplay is pretty solid. I remember some of my international matches playing out pretty flawless.


I remember it. A friend lent it to me for the Saturn back in 2000. I thought it was good except I didn’t really play it that seriously(I used to mash buttons and spam three hit combos for shame:sweat:) It did have a good soundtrack which seems to be the case with all of Sega’s 3-D fighters.


Last Bronx was the crack on Saturn. I might have to hunt down the PC version. Fighters Megamix is up next.


Haha, I remember playing the demo for this as a kid on my computer. I think only Lisa and someone else was available tho.


Great game, maybe there is a Hamachi scene somewhere?


If anyone wants to play, hit me up.


I’ve managed to get it to run under windows 7 using compatibility modes but the game runs too fast has anyone with the pc version found a way around that ?

edit: nvm all i had to do was set frameskipping to none in the options.


man i remember playing the demo of this game and virtua fighter 2 like crazy when I was a kid. maybe i should go hunt for it and give it another go.


This has a complete movelist and system explanation.


Games from the 90s were so much superior to games nowadays.


I have this on Saturn & PS2. It was one of those 3D games that was in that era of when games had to be in 3D but it wasn’t a bad game still.


I remember playing this back on my uncle’s Saturn (wasn’t that serious about fighting games at the time). I was looking for it for saturn some years later but never found one. I never knew it got remade for the PS2. I’ll have to go get a copy.


I remember playing the demo for my PC back in 98. It was so much fun, but I never thought I would get to play the full version because it seemed like such an obscure game and me being 12 didnt have any money… Then a couple of weeks later I found the PC version at Radioshack for $5. I was so damn happy! Anyone ever figure out how to unlock the boss? I think he was unlockable because if you explore the CD you can find videos for his ending.


^ Yeah you could play as Red Eye(The final boss). I think you had to complete arcade mode with all of the characters.


I have last bronx on PS2. Its the import Sega Ages Vol.24, an arcade port.

Not remade, unlike other Sega Ages titles that got an update treatment. This one is just a straight Arcade port.


Oh God, Nostalgia…

Used to love this game on Saturn, such an awesome weapons based fighter. I would love to see a sequel or something, Sega really had a great game here. Not VF, but still bloody good, probably better than most Soul Calibers.

Kurosawa was just about the most badass character in any fighter ever as well, he used to do some lethal stuff with that wooden sword.