book now before they are sold out!


It seems they are out already, just tried to book a room and they wouldn’t give the EVO discount.

i was actually nervous when i saw this, then i realized that i reserved my room last month :looney:


Well…189 a night still isn’t too bad. That’s what the lady on the phone told me. The place looks nice and I would gladly pay that much for Evo any ways.

yea…the price isnt even that expensive imo

Reserved mine just in time:D

Gregory took care of that shit like a champ, gj GREGORY!!

I reserved my room today and got the discount. I got he EVO rate too. Just remember to ask for the special “Evolution 2K” rate of $149 a night. Let them know that you are coming in for the tournament. I had no problems with the reservation staff and there are room available! I also spoke with them as many are coming in on Thurs. Online, the Thurs rate is listed as $129. I pointed this out and made 2 reservations, one for $129 and the other for the EVO rate (discounted weekend rate). They told me I may have to move rooms, but $20 is $20.

Strange! I also saw that online, the Sunday rate was also $129, so I called them to change my reservation. A different person answered and told me the following.

  1. To change my reservation, she would have to cancel my original reservation and forfeit my discounted weekend rate. Officially the block of rooms have sold out (between the time I called today and now) and no guarantees that she can rebook the room that she just cancelled (WTF??)
  2. She will not give me the internet rate for Sunday over the phone. I would have to book through the internet for that. She was pretty hardline about that and told me the other person should not have done what she did. I didn’t want to push it and left my reservation alone. I am sure she would have screwed me over if she got the chance.

Lessons learned: Your mileage may vary depending on who you talk to. It doesn’t hurt to keep trying. For those who did not get the discounted rate, if you are coming in on Thurs and leaving on Monday, your internet reservation rate is almost as good as the EVO discounted rate-- $20 less than EVO rate on Thurs and Sun, $40 more on Fri and Sat= $40 more for your total stay than EVO rates.

Just made my reservation.

The operator (Tabitha) gave me the Evo2k rate for all days except Sat the 25th. She said the rooms for that rate were all booked and said it would cost $189 but the rest of my nights, Thu., Fri., and Sun. would only cost $149.

There is another hotel owned by the same company, it’s called the fiesta, it’s on the same interstate as GVR, Very close (4 miles I think).

The stay there is probably cheaper than GVR. SO if you missed your evo rate chance, that is your next best bet for a cheap place.

So Mr. Wizard, any chance of getting more rooms for the Evolution 2k rate? I know a lot of people who haven’t reserved yet.

you did all that for $20? jesus

nam. 20 is a lot.

I just called 5 minutes ago. Fri & Sat are booked for the Evo rate so they’ll be $189 a night. Thursday and Sunday are $129 a night.

Can anyone confirm if the grand suite only has ONE BATHROOM? Please tell me this is not true.

only thurs and sun available at evo rate now, fri and sat are 189

I was checking out Sunset Station which is close as well, only $99 for that Friday and Saturday. Only $89 off :tup:

Nice place too, has a mall across the street, and every fast food joint around the place.

if you look online, thur and sun are 129, which is 20 bucks less than evo rate

If you missed out on the EVO special rates, like I did, you should check out

If you stay for 2 nights, they knock $20 off of the regular Fri/Sat price AND you get a $50 gift card. I’m not sure how the gift card works. I assume you can use it at their bar, restaurant, or casino.

So, I booked Fri and Sat for $169/night and got a free $50 gift card. Thurs and Sunday are $129/night on there, if you plan on staying those nights.