Last check before ordering


Im about to place my first order for a stick, or at least parts for a stick. Ive got buttons and a joystick (Sanwa JLF) already.
If I miss anything critical let me know

PCB - Cthulhu ZD encoder
Case - Panzer Stick
Wires - (9x colored cables (6 button layout + start/home/select) + 3x Daisy Chain Wire for common ground + a 5 pin for my JLF)
Neutrik - USB + a cable from Cthulhu to the Neutrik. What kind do I need? USB A/A or USB A/Cat5?
Standard male/male USB cable (stick to PC)

Anything else I need?


One of the USB wires is gonna need to be a USB A - USB B. It can be either the shorter cable inside or the longer cable to your system.

Is this an MC Cthulhu or a PS3/PC one?


Im looking at this one:


Gotcha, and you want RJ for the classic consoles, right?


All I really care about is that it works for PC


Instead of a Cthulhu you could get a ZD Encoder instead. It is much cheaper and comes with all wiring.

The sort of USB cable you need depends on how you install the USB Neutrik jack. But there is no point in getting a Cat5 version unless you are using a Neutrik RJ45 jack… and no point in that if you are not getting a Multi Console Cthulhu or similar pcb.


The thing is what ever I save in price on the ZD Encoder, I lose in shipping so its pointless.

Looking at this Neutrik:


Then save your self the $5 and get the PSS3/PC one. Or if you plan to dual mod later get the ChImp SMD. You will only need two USB cables, USB A- USB B. Are you soldering, if not you’ll need quick disconnects. I assume you have wire strippers/crimpers?


Going to get a set of cables (3x 3 quick disconnect daisy chained to use as ground, 9x cables with singel quick disconnect for my 6 button layout and start/home/select + what ever cable I need for my JLF joystick to the PCB). They are sold with a quick disconnect at one end and nothing on the other, seems fine

Want a solder free solution and FocusAttack seem only to have the $35 Cthulu and thats really fine.


The easiest solution is ZD. I’m not sure why you think shipping will be that much, you should be able to get a PC only ZD with wiring for less than $15 shipped.


PC ZD, $10.88 free shipping, all wires included.


It’s free shipping, dude.


Ok so Cthulhu could be a backup plan, not read up anything on the ZD Encoder tho.
Would save some money and it looks hella easy to install, how is the quality?


Fine. I’ve got four ZD powered sticks and 3 MC Cthulhu powered sticks, I don’t really notice the difference.


Great stuff, guess that’s settled then. How long are the wires? Is any of your sticks Mad Catz because the Panzer stick is smaller then TE :slight_smile:


The wires that come with a ZD Encoder aren’t very long so you’ll probably need to mount the board close to the buttons and joystick. If the worst happens then you can always extend the wiring but I’ve found it fits comfortably in the range of sticks I’ve tried. Though I have never modded a Panzer before I’d be surprised if it was much different.


Its a little smaller then the TE stick.

How bad would it be to just leave it hanging or what ever inside? Dont want any issues down the line


Get some of the PCB feet and double side tape them down. There is a ton of open space inside the PFS to mount a PCB anywhere. Personally, I mounted terminal barrier strips for easy dual mod later on. Requires a crimper and QDs.


Smart stuff! Ideally I would like to use at least one screw place for where the PCB is suppose to be, but tape would be enough to not make wires fucky :slight_smile:


Use automotive grade tape. It will take some doing to remove. Trust me, you’ll break your stick before you knock it loose. I haven’t put a ZD into my PFS, so I can’t tell you if you will be able to use the original screw posts or not.