Last Day - FS: DS Games, Random Stuff

got some stuff i want to get rid of so heres the list

DS Games:
New Super Mario Brothers (Complete) 20 shipped

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin (Complete) 15 shipped

Pokemon Diamond (Complete) 25 shipped

Super Princess Peach (Complete) 20 shipped

Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hour Glass (Complete) 25 shipped

DS Lite Action Replay (W/ USB Cord) 16 shipped.


Sandisk: Cruzer 4GB Pen Drive. 25 shipped

7.50-13.00 extra to ship international (Dependant on location)
paypal only.

if you purchase something from me give me up to a week to ship due to my hectic schedule. thanks.

feedback thread

I’m interested in the DS Lite System; how much would the shipping be to here (Santiago, Chile)?

^ I’ll check monday and get back to you.

bump. price drops.

DS System is on hold till Tuesday

bump, asking mods to close on wednesday so, pm me if you see something you like.


bump. DS sold.

also price drops on a few things.


Lowered prices on a few things.

Changed title to let everyone know this is the last day (it’s tuesday my time) before I ask the mods to close it on wednesday.

Dibs on the Dragon Quest - check PM’s.

DQ swords has been sold.

final mark downs.

final day as well (obviously)

Asking mods to close this around noon est tomorrow just incase I don’t get to my thread on time or I need to answers posts/pms.

So, if you see anything, pm me or post.


That Zelda is tempting, but I know I better start saving up money :sad: (apartment hunt and mvc2 for coworker)

^ do it any how.

Wishes he could but can’t If I didn’t owe my friend I’d be all over it.