Last Evo?


Will this be the last EVO Mortal Kombat will be in because of Injustice: Gods Among Us?


I seriously doubt it. Despite Mortal Kombat and Injustice both being made by Netherrealm Studios, and Solomon Grundy and Jax being eerily similar in play-style, they are two COMPLETELY different games. Mortal Kombat is a classic, and is held near and dear to many of our hearts (including those of the EVO operators). Injustice, on the other hand, is a fresh-out-of-the-gate fighter with a weird capcom/midway gamefeel. Besides the nostalgia-boners and sentimentality of it all, I believe (as well as many others) that Mortal Kombat is far more competitively ready than Injustice. I say this in the sense that Halo: 4 is no longer “competitive” for various reasons. In this case, several elements of the game take away from the feeling of competitive play, (the unblockable backgrounds, the unbalanced character roster, and random gambit system) which would be unfavorable in the future without a patch to resolve these issues. And i know what you’re thinking, “Can’t you just turn those problems off in settings/ban OP characters?” Well, my beef with Injustice goes deeper in that I hold it in the same respect as MK vs DC, a gimmick. I understand many may disagree, but i really feel like the whole game is just an excuse to watch Aquaman shishkebab Harley Quinn right in her bitch face. I doubt the charm of the game will last more than 3 years tops. Also, it just doesn’t feel like it was built with the intention of being a tournament fighter in the same way Mortal Kombat has created a level ground of pure violence, combos, and all around top-tier competitive fun.

So, in short, no. However, this is coming from the moderator of /r/mortalkombat so you might be talking to a bit of a fanboy.


I highly doubt MK9 will be pulled out of EVO after 2013. It’s one of the most popular 2D fighting game and has more history, fanbase than the recent arrivals such as Injustice, Persona4Arena, Skullgirls, etc. Cancelling it would be a huge mistake on Evo organisers’ part.
Capcom always has 3 to 4 titles being played at the same time at Evos, so I see no reason why Neatherelm’s offering of 2 titles MK9 and Injustice be slashed down to one.


MK9 will be out of EVO when MK10 comes out…


looks like MK is dead once again. Way to go Netherrealm studios. Netherrealm studios/Midway killed off Mortal Kombat again by releasing Injustice in this case.