Last Minute Holiday Specials @ Mad Catz - B1G1 FREE on SF4 R1 PS3, MVC 360, TVC Wii!


I know I said that the last NEC XI promo was probably the last one… But why deny some people some last minute Holiday deals?


[]Order Ground shipping end of day Dec.15, guaranteed to receive by Dec. 24th
]Order 2 day shipping end of day Dec.20, guaranteed to receive by Dec. 24th
[*]Order overnight shipping end of day Dec.21, guaranteed to receive by Dec. 24th

Worth noting, for the FightSticks… The Marvel VS Capcom TE FightStick for Xbox 360 is now included in the promo. Sorry no mix and match this time around.



Cuz we love you.

Free FedEx ground shipping and 10% off if you use the code “HOLIDAY”


Gah, this sounds better than the NECXI deal - will probably make my friend have buyer’s remorse after paying for shipping when he could have waited for this deal.


Wow…just a few days ago I was gonna gift one, glad I waited!!!


No love for vassal state Canada?


Mark, can I get a different stick for each system?


Unfortunately not. No mixing and matching between the products.

The only one available for PS3 is the Round 1.
Only one available for X360 is Marvel VS Capcom.
Only one available for Wii is the TVC.

Sorry :frowning:


I’m tearing up right now. I was desperately hoping you guys would do this promotion again, and ya’ll had to spoil it with that caveat.


Spoil it? Sorry we can’t cater to individual needs.

This is the third time we’ve run the promo. The first one was B1G1 no mix and match.

The last one (NEC XI) was B1G1 with mix and match.

This one is just to give others a chance to take advantage of the Black Friday/Thanksgiving deal.

The NECXI one was just for that event, if you missed out… I’m sorry to say, you missed out.


no shipping to Canada =[

Seriously upset about this, I was thinking about my MvC stick that I sold a while back this morning. Now I see this, get excited…then find out you don’t ship outside the USA. :’( :’( :’(

c’mon it is christmas


man, sucks being in canada. you guys at madcatz should consider an option or checkbox that allows me to defer the warranty and that way you can ship to canada. just a thought. your sales would skyrocket.


when is this promo gonna be over??gettin paid on saturday hopeful to hop on that marrrvvell baby


The warranty has nothing to do with us shipping to Canada. It’s not an easy fix we can make to our web store, I’m sorry.

Hopefully we can get a better program going that includes Canada in the future. But as for now, there is nothing I can do. My apologies.

The promo will last until at least Christmas day.


Just picked up two Marvel sticks to use for video tutorials. Thanks for the sale MarkMan! I hope whatever will be replacing them brings some serious awesome to the table.


Thanks Toodles. Have a good Holiday :slight_smile:


Majin, get in here! Save the Canadians!


asked majin if he was doing another group buy but he said he was having some time off, which is fair. It is christmas and he was doing it all out of the kindness of his heart.

I’m praying you get this offer available for Canadians before I leave Canada (May)…or that you’ll run a similar offer on the UK store anytime soon.


No international shipping makes me a sad panda :frowning:

This would be so awsome since the shipping costs me almost the same amount as the stick itself, im from Croatia btw.

MarkMan, do the UK, German or France GameShark stores have these Holiday specials ?

Anybody knows if some other game store is having this kind of deals ?



None of the other GameShark stores have this offer



NOooo! I just purchased a Tasunoku vs Capcom joystick for $60 a few days ago. Why! whyyyyyy…didn’t I read this first !