Last minute housing/room mate request

So I just decided I actually wanna come to this pretty badly.

I’ll be coming from FL, and I won’t have much money to use. Meaning a hotel will be really expensive. I’m looking for somebody who can house me or that I can room with for the super smash bros brawl days. I really need to know if somebody can help me in time so I can still register.

Please help.

You can contact me on AIM, through, or my myspace page since I don’t go on SRK that much.

you need help. he needs help. apoc aka jason mcglone says he got you covered. food(he’s a damn good cook), shelter, everything. its a win/win. call him 626-818-9258.

this goes for anyone else who wants to come to evo on limited funds.

So just post in that thread saying I need housing?

I’m a bit confused, considering I’ve never really done this before lol

no call him now.

It’s like 3:34 here and my mom probably wouldn’t approve of me calling somebody this late, lol.

wow :o

crazy smash players :3

Damn, if you can’t call someone how is she going to let you hitch hike your ass to Vegas just to play some smash?

Dude you are a minor…if your Myspace page is right.

Cant that get the person housing you in trouble if shit happens? I wouldnt want the risk.

I’m 15 yeah. And what would happen? I’ve housed with people older than me tons of times. I travel by myself a lot too.

My mom is strict, but that doesn’t mean that she won’t let me travel. I’ve already showed her that I’m able to travel safely and stuff.

Anyone that’s a part of the community is welcomed at Apoc’s place.

Whether they need to go die in a fire or if they’ve graduated videogame college.

We were all scrub-tacular at some point=c)

Awesome. Thanks a bunch.

Do you mind me calling and confirming everything?

If it starts with 407-944 than Apoc says he’s already spoken with you. Otherwise, pm me your number cuz he uses this account too.

its 352-746-6536

I just got a call today.

I won a three day trip to Vegas for two, fully paid suite at the stratosphere and free flight there and back anytime this year. Guess I’ll go next year but…one month earlier…:amazed::sad: