Last Minute Pre - EVO James Games Results 7/6/05

Thanks to everyone who came out to this tourney even though there was only a days notice for it. Heres are the results for all the games we ran off the top of my head.

GGXX - 11 entries

1st. Hang
2nd. Josh Magno
3rd. Sir Phobos
4th. Ralph

3rd Strike - 9 Entries

1st. Christian
2nd. Josh Magno
3rd. Albert
4th. David Lee

Xvsf - 8 Entries

1st. MegamanDS
2nd. David Lee
3rd. Thomas
4th. Dogface

MVC2 - 24 Entries

1st. David Lee
2nd. Reset
3rd. Ducvader
4th. Taiji

I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did running it :wow: See all yall at EVO this week!

Duc Do

Great tourney Duc! Thanks for running it. GGs to everyone I played!

Havn’t seen jg packed like that in a long ass time… gg’s to everyone… they should also fix the ST machine

xvsf was also hella fun to watch, never seen so much perfects left and right…


GG’s to everyone I played…

sigh Too bad I choked again.

ggs all.

congrats david on winning marvel. ggs on xmen!! u better go evo, see u in finals again.

you mean 8/7 duc. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good shit Reset. That meth you smoking now got you all CRAZY! (j/k) :]

had no idea this was going on. when’s the next one?

yeah ggs to vic,dan,illan,duc,nick,shadyk,justin, Mike ross, pots, aCE, and everyone. ggs. we better hold another xvsf tourney that shit was too good.

can I get your autograph david lee?

I didn’t go but good shit MegamanDS, Dogface, and Illan.

Great job for winning MvC2, David Lee:smile: Does anyone have the full results for MvC2 (If it’s okay to ask)?

Oooh, there was a XMvSF tourney, nice :tup:

Props to everyone else who entered.


GJ reset… holding it down :slight_smile: