Last minute tips before evo



Ok so this is something I’ve never been to accurate on as far as DP’s go. I’m trying to get in habit of AA’ing with Gekiro instead of c.hp mantis and crane.

However I never really understood which one is the best to use. lk has the quickest startup, 5 frames but the hitbox is kind of lower, yet hk is 7 frames which is a lot less than I’m used to playing nothing but cammy and adon I could AA with their DP’s pretty well.

So I’m kind of torn between either choosing, quicker startup but low hitbox vs slower startup but high hitbox and more damage. And with only 4 frames of invincibility it seems hk will get a lot of trades in that 3 frames of inactivity.

Ok so I may have answered my own question, but I just sat in training mode for a second and it really feels like EX gekiro has a lot more invincibility than the frame data says because it was the only one I could do consistently without trading hits. Unless it was a far jump then lk seems to work best because of its weird low hitbox. But otherwise it seems like ex is the only way to go if I’m AA’ing with gekiro. Everything else seemed to trade 90% of the time.

I’d still like any tips if anyone has had better experiences with gekiro as an AA.


I would say lk gekiro, people in the air intend to hit you overhead, and a lower hitbox relieves a bit of chance that you’ll get hit overhead. And starting lower with such a large hitbox yourself theyre more bound to fall into your DP. HOWEVER, when it comes to wakeup, ultras, or just in the middle of onslaught, Ex Gekiro has invincibility frames, and often evades certain doom on wakeup dp (if applicable)

Furthermore, saving ex bar for super is the way to go, AA with that crane super instantly 4tw


hk gekrio against normal jump ins. lk gekiro against late jump ins on wake up [but carefully - can be a safe jump]

ex for both + crossups : D


What zUkUu said. And crane is a fine anti-air anyway, no worries.

Good luck, which pool are you in? Imma check it out.


It’s better to trade than lose, since Gekiro’s hitbox is below average among DP/DKs. My opinion is same with zUkUu, but I’d rather use MK instead of HK for AA purposes due to minimal damage difference and a big advantage of hurtbox on it.


lol never noticed that mk has a slightly different hitbox.


LK and EX for late jump ins. MK and HK for Early, and Neutral Jumps always HK.


which one is most effective for you really depends on spacing and reactions. i think the mk and hk hitboxes are ideal for gens footsies/zoning range, but the invulnerability wears out before the attack comes out, so like you said, they trade all day. the only time i can really hit with mk or hk on reaction is if i am waiting for my opponent to jump. id only use these two if i had top notch reactions

the lk does have a lower hitbox, but if you space yourself about one gen further away when you use it, it actually works better than hk or mk. your opponent usually jumps right into the attack area only, so it trades less. the only problem with that tho, is that the effective range of the lk version is just about square in the middle of that magic jump area, where you whiff if the jumper dosent stick out an attack

and the reason you hit with the ex version consistently is because the attack goes active before the invulnerability wears out. thats the way it is normaly on most conventional dps, like cammy

id stick to normals tho. i only use non ex giekros on characters i absolutely dont want to be on the ground right next to. like gief, hawk or abel. dont care if i trade versus them, just cant let them get that mix up


dont forget he has a really good back dash and focus attack


Neutral Jump Shakudan on the opponents wake up is nice, if it confirms, do the crane, hp roll 4tw

Edit: What I mean to say is, maximum punishes, if you can do something better than throw, do it.

Standing hp crane is 200 damage, and so is c.hp crane, if you cant land a combo punish those are better than throw.


for quick punish nothing beats a s.hp into hk gekiro. [after missed lp srk for instance] after focus attack or after slow recovery whiffs like ultra the most i use is crane s.hp.

c.hp is due slow startup not the best idea, the move is best used as meaty wakeup. but here it really shines. or after a focus IF you want to go for stun. [does 20 less damage but 100 more stun than s.hp]


That is totally true, what Zukuu said-
I just need to train hk gekiro


Don’t lose.


stay focused. regroup anytime you lose a round. pick apart yourself really fast so you know what you are doing wrong and try not to do it again. Be patient and let them make the mistake. You got this bud, let’s so them what Gen can do.


If you need a short time out. asl to switch seats ^^