Last moments with Vanilla... Who shall i pick up

Sup, as someone who has been maining ken since day 1, i know pretty much all there is to know about him in SF4, and with SSF4 on its way very soon, i know i’m gonna be picking T.Hawk, Dudley, and probably Ken, so with the last couple months with plain old SF4, i feel i want to learn more, so, who shall i pick up as a second?

I’d put in a vote for Fei Long :wgrin:

I switched for fun and now use him 98% of the time. Plus using taunt 9 when someone whiffs is awesome :woot:

El Fuerte or Vega, get in on some of that high-flier action.

I picked up honda. Now I just go random lol

I started picking different chars too. I picked up Chun and Viper. Viper cos I just wanna do her flashy combos they are fun, and Chun cos I always wanted to try her out properly so I finally get to do that now.

Since you wanna play T. Hawk, I would suggest you play with Zangief. Get some practice doing 360’s.

For Dudley, I would play Fei long. Lack of fireballs with an average Dragon punch can prepare you for Dudley’s rush down game.

My two cents

I have mained Chun since I realize I naturally can play and understand Chun well as a starting point in any game. However, in SSF4, Dee Jay is showing up, and he’s my main in HDR (Once I really got going in ST, I realized I can play Dee Jay better than Chun), plus Ibuki looks fun, and everyone and their mom will probably end up testing the waters with Juri.

I have been toying around with Rog lately, and last night I started practicing Viper cancels, especially having heard Justin Wong liken Ibuki’s playstyle to Viper, I’m just trying to get nimble enough not to be blown out of the water playing with Ibuki.

I’ve also jumped back into HDR just to re-acclimate myself with Dee Jay’s move set.

been playing with guile for a bit, and im not doing too bad either!

OP…I am in the same boat. Ken has been nothing but good to me for last two decades but I’ve picked up the Chunster to get rid of those nasty-ass Giefs and picked the nasty-ass Gief to figure out how to actually play him correctly (to supplement my Chun-Li training). When SS4 comes out, I’ll go straight to Guy and, hopefully if they stayed true to SFA1-3, be jumping all over El Fuerte’s mexican frying pan and kicking his pogo-sticking butt.

I recently switched to Chun(from Ryu) and I really like her style
I keep telling my self im gonna learn Viper next, but I know thats not gonna happen.
Juri and Ibuki got priority over her.

If you’re really up for any suggestion, I highly recommend you try playing either the character you felt like you understood the least, or the character you most struggled against. It never ceases to amaze me how much spending a little time with an opponent’s character helps me fight him.

I feel that way too, man.

i picked up that hot random select :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m switching from Seth to give Ken a shot. Kara throws are lots of fun :slight_smile:

A lot of these kinds of threads lately, anyway pick up Viper, she’s crazy difficuly to use, sexy, and unique. She should prepare you for Ibuki.

Just learn viper because then when you switch (if you switch) characters in SSF4 it will feel so much easier. Like training in baseball with a weighted bat. Take the weight off the bat and it feels like a twig.

I would either learn a character that compliments Ken’s matchups, as in someone who is strong against characters that beat Ken, or I would pick up a character I have trouble beating. If you learn how to play with the character you lose to you’ll be able to notice their weaknesses better than if you just fight against them.

Or you could just pick someone you think is cool :wink: