Last night's 3rd Strike 5v5

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to watch it live. Does anyone know where it’d be streaming? I really want to watch the videos.

Thank you very much for helping in advance.

Really? A thread for this? You’re a boss.

Is there a problem? I just want to watch the 5v5’s. It’s not that big of a deal and USTREAM doesn’t haven it up. If they do I’m not seeing it.

It’s in the 3rd Strike video thread. But it’s not the whole thing. Just cam recordings.

why in the fucking world would you make a thread for this???
why didn’t you ASK in the 5 on 5 thread for the video OR ask for it in the Videos thread???

Why the fuck is it such a big issue? To be honest I completely forgot about the 3rd Strike section.


+1 bro miryte?

Yeah, it’s an online forum man… who cares if he made a thread about it, there is a lot more things in life to worry about. :smokin:

Yeah, sure, and then we’ll got a shitload of threads with some useful infos here, some others there, etc…really practical…