Last Price Drops Before E-Bay - T4 Stick, Fighting Games

(Updated 1/14/2011 )

Hey Hey,

I’m looking to start Parting out some of my older Games and Sticks as I don’t really play them much anymore…

Due to past issues, I will no longer hold items. First come, First served.

I figured I would let someone else enjoy them…

Here is a Tekken 4 Stick with Full Sanwa Mod. 30mm action buttons 24mm start/select. This has a JLF with Octogate installed. This stick also has the shorter Namco Shaft so it feels as though your playing on a Circle Gate. It’s Fantastic.

Top panel is covered in 3M Ni- Doc. This is for the Case/Stick/Buttons ONLY There is no PCB inside this stick. Drop a MC Cthulhu in this beast and your good to go.

65$ Shipped.

First up is a COMPLETE Copy of Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter. This is in GREAT Condition There are a couple very very faint scratches on the disc but this does NOT affect gameplay what so ever…

Next is a 2 disc copy of Rival Schools. This game is NOT complete and is only the 2 discs that came with the game. this game is in RIDICULOUSLY good condition, with barely any imperfections on either disc.

All 3 are COMPLETE!

Marvel Vs. Street Fighter - SOLD
Rival Schools - 23$ Shipped
Marvel Super Heroes - 28$ Shipped
Capcom Vs. SNK - Dreamcast 18$ Shipped
Capcom Vs. SNK Pro - 18$ Shipped

X360 SE Case - 25$ Shipped

Ohh man if i could afford these i would. They look like bricks of gold to me O_O! lol Good Luck with these man.

Thanks man, I really hate to see them go, But I haven’t played either one in forever… Time for someone else to enjoy them.

Bump Price Drop on Both Games… Someone Snag these!!!

Added New Games!!! 12/6/10

Hey man, if you’re willing to hold CVS Pro until this Saturday, I’d be more then happy to buy it from you.

No problem bud.

CVS Pro on Hold.

Inbox Cleared - Sorry about that!!!

Added X360 SE PCB and Case

360 PCB Sold!

Lowered Prices.

Bump - Added Stick - Lowered Fighting Game Prices!

if no one bought the SFAE yet send me a PM and we can get the ball rolling.

I’m so tempted to get rival schools. Will check back in later…


SFAE on hold
JLF Sold - Shipping today

SFAC stick and SE Case on Hold

Updated - No longer holding items.

Oh dang but I still got my eye on that SE case. Can you provide an inside picture?

Inside of SE Case.

The Start and Select Button are no longer there. The Turbo Panel is still there.

Thx, looking forward to it!