Last Stand Tournament Results!’s Last Stand Tournament Results

Super Smash Bros. Melee Tournament Results
1st-projekt84 (Falco and Marth)
2nd-sabinx (Jigglypuff)
3rd-Mystic (Peach)
4th-Deg (Sheik and Falco)

SSBM Grand Finals-projekt84 vs. sabinx

There was a schedule conflict with another tournament which is why this tournament had a low turnout. That and some people are afraid to have their matches recorded. LoL. J/k. Anywho top 3 were taken over by Team Blockstunners and Deg came back from the tournament scene finishing top 4 like always!

Guilty Gear XX Slash Tournament Results
1st-Mad Fnorder (Axl)
2nd-CEO of Darkness (Anji)
3rd-Darkhonor90 (Zappa and Ky)
4th-sabinx (Anji, I-no, ABA, Venom, Dizzy, Faust)

Guilty Gear XX Slash Grand Finals-Mad Fnorder vs. CEO of Darkness

Tear. There were some players that wanted go but have some transportation issues, work, last minute schedule changes, etc. Looking at the picture you’ll see a familar face which is CEO of Darkness! He’s on pursuit on capturing the 1st Place of the GGXX/ tournament and become the first Triple Crown Tournament winner in Vortex. Unfortunately, he had to fight from the Loser’s Bracket and wasn’t able to defeat Mad Fnorder in the Grand Finals. CEO of Darkness was very pleased from his performance and it gave him some confidence to participate in the WiLLvolution 2006 (

Naruto Gekitou Ninja Taisen! 4 Tournament Results
1st-projekt84 (Kisame, OTKN, Jiroubou)
2nd-Mystic (Itachi)
3rd-Mr. Brightside (Sakon, OTKN)
4th-Stabby (Haku)

NGNT4 Grand Finals-projekt84 vs. Mystic

Oh yeah. I definitely got a lot to say in this tournament. First off, the turnout was 21 people which is great! New players in the area participated as well as returning past players such as Al3x, Fern and Drew from Boston, MA and Stabby! Definitely one of the best NGNT4 tournaments I hosted at Vortex because of character diversity and extremely close matches. Man, I don’t know where to start talking about this tournament. LoL.

-=Grand Finals-projekt84 vs. Mystic=-
This is the 3rd Grand Finals confrontation that these 2 had. First one, projekt84 won and second, Mystic won. No matter who wins this match we’ll definitely witness the first person to win a NGNT4 regular tournament more than once at the Vortex Game Center. Out of the 3 Grand Finals they had against each other, this is my favorite one. They basically cut the crap and gave it all. A must see.

-=Returning players and players that are bringing up their game for WiLLvolution 2006=-
Stabby-He participated in the first Vortex No Jutsu tournament and haven’t showed up since. He did finished strong in that tournament but felt that he needs more practice before coming back. His performance in this tournament was stellar and possibly have plans for WiLLvolution 2006. For now on I’m going to call Stabby “The Florida’s Secret Weapon.” He had great matchups such as Darkhonor90, Mr. Brightside, Mystic, etc.

Pwn Depot (Al3x, Fern, Drew)-Them guys from Boston, Massachusetts are back and improved dramatically from their last visit. Al3x’s Kankuro has been a favorite and also plays a great Gaara. He demolished The WiLL in the Preliminaries and gave projekt84 a run for his money with their Gaara vs. OTKN match. Drew took out 3rd ranking FL player Mr. Brightside in the Preliminaries with Neji and Orochimaru. I definitely enjoyed seeing these guys again and I hope to see them soon (Maybe WiLLvolution 2006!).

Rieshu-I played casuals against her and InsaneJokr9 after coming back from Anime Expo and I can tell she’s been practicing a lot. The players were marveled of what she’s capable of and got some people shaking! I’m very proud of her. You go girl!

Mystic-I always expect the best from Mystic and he looked very sharp in this tournament. He played straight up Itachi in this tournament (I wonder if that was a message to someone) and the “Blockstunner frame trap” was one of his key victories in this tournament.

Florida Hokage Championship Title Match-projekt84 vs. Mr. Brightside

Yet another match with “The Weather” projekt84 and Mr. Brightside. Of course there’s the OTKN vs. OTKN battles but projekt84 bust out Naruto against Mr. Brightside’s OTKN and definitely kept him at bay with Naruto’s BBBB. In the end, projekt84 became victorious. Since he retains the Florida Hokage Championship title and won the regular tournament, he has to face the 2nd place finalist in the regular tournament which is Mystic. So the True Main Event match is set for WiLLvolution 2006. It will be projekt84 vs. Mystic!

Naruto Gekitou Ninja Taisen! 4 2 on 2 Tournament Results (Rules changed to Round Robin)
1st-Team Blockstunners I (projekt84 and Mystic)
2nd (Tie)-Team Blockstunners II (The Juggernaut and sabinx)
2nd (Tie)-Rieshu and InsaneJokr9
4th (Tie)-Team Vicious and Delicious (Mr. Brightside and The WiLL)
4th (Tie)-Darkhonor90 and Stabby

The 1st Place winners of the NGNT4 2 on 2 tournament-Team Blockstunners!

Keep it short and simple Team Blockstunners (projekt84 and Mystic) swept everybody.

-=The Future=-
There’s 2 reasons why I called this tournament The Last Stand Tournament. One, this is the tournament before the huge tournament called WiLLvolution 2006 and two, this will be the last tournament that I will host for the Vortex Game Center. After WiLLvolution 2006 I’m taking a month or 2 off from hosting tournaments. During that time I’m planning to start my own gaming club in Palm Beach Community College and I’m going to have weekly casuals on Saturday and the last Saturday of each month will be a tournament.

WiLLvolution 2006 is in August 19, 2006! For more info, please go to .

I wonder if people wanted to see a WiLLvolution 2006 Main Event match between Team Florida 2005 (Mr. Brightside, Stabby and The WiLL) and Team Illiniowa (Funked, HeartNana, Kokain).