Last TGA visit (for a while)


I will not be in boston for several months (except for brief unplanned future visits in that time span) for work related reasons. This comes as a mixed blessing for me. :wasted: :annoy:

So tentatively…

*** August 5th **, sunday: Alfred’s last tga visit (for only a while i promise Gavin/Andy, you know i cant turtle forever, it’s way too good) :wgrin:

It’s not like I won’t see you guys again ever,… lol, but several months is a long time, and since I enjoyed playing with you guys and getting to know you over the years (no homo) so I figured I’d let you know what was up.

I’ll try to do something special for you guys ala genki’s jam cake bean buns, but it probably won’t be as awesome or tasty. If only there was a strip club nearby. :wink:


ALFREDDD!!! :tup::tup::tup::tup::tup:

take good care of yourself man