Last time you felt stuck


With anything. Math problem? Mission in a game/fighting game? Gf problems? Cant get an erection? Broke your pinky?

When was the last time you felt stuck with a situation and what did you do to solve or maybe even just alleviate the problem?

I got certain problems of my own atm, and I was just curious to how people try to fix whats going on. Im not gonna mention what im dealing with now, but there was a time where i was getting frustrated with work. I called my grandma that day and she told me to (filipino accent) “tink about da good food in lipe… n eat it” so i called the rest of the day off went home and ate 4 bananas and a cookie.


There was one time i was in the friend zone…i never could quite get out of it and was stuck for some time. Luckily, Mr. Cuervo came along and pulled me the hell out of it. Thank you based God.


I got a weight bench and don’t know how to put it together.


I was taking a pretty big dump, and was sweating more than usual. I was pushing with all my might and I heard this “plop” and this sick wetness on my ass, unfortunately, I wasn’t feeling at all relieved. I then realized I had slid into the bowl and because my hips had swelled, unable to get out. I would totally just wiggle my ass until the seat breaks but my mom said she’d beat my ass if I broke another toilet seat. So right now I’m just thankful I bring my laptop to poop as its going to be at least another 5 or 6 hours until my parents come home and are able to butter up my thighs and pull me out.


There’s this game, 3D Logic 2
I’m on Level 14
I’m about to set myself on fire


Thanks for pointing that game out.

Now I’m stuck there too :(.

Edit: And just right after I made this post, I figure it out :rofl:.


I’m on 16 now, after I beat 14 I managed to breeze through 15 o_O


In Chapter 3 of the RPG in my sig, there’s an elemental boss followed by a battle against an enemy party of adventurers. I had to unlock another character and clear a different element temple for some leveling before to win the second battle.


Anytime I have to wait for blood/lab results. It’s almost like your life is put on hold until they call you.

“You might have cancer, now that the tests are done we’ll call you in a week or two to let you know.”



Bloons Tower Defense 5. On normal difficulty, I always lose on level 87, regardless of the stage. Just a ridiculous amount of BFBs on that level.