Last time you were on a losing streak and did you rage or not?

I was just on a 5 game losing streak.
Went from 2600 pp to 2200.

If I lose the first game im fine I don’t really care.
The 2nd game im still a little calm but annoyed.

Now the 3rd game and then on I’m just pissed, and the thing is, I can’t stop when I lose.
I have to keep going until I win…

was i raging? Yes ill be honest. I need to learn to keep my cool after losing multiple games on ranked. I couldn’t do anything right. Couldn’t tech BS tick throws, I kept thinking certain characters were gonna cross me up like dudley and balrog when I know they can’t/won’t.

Something about losing in street fighter…idk

It happens all the time.

You just get used to it and pass over people who aren’t up for rematches. (so and so has removed you from round.)

Hilarious too when you just about beat someone so bad they remove you from the session. (Or you get close to winning.)

I hate that though. I lost to a ryu who did stuff that only works online so I asked for a rematch and he said no. WTF

I hate when I join a endless lobby and I use a character im practicing with, lose the round because the dude is using his main and he kicks me after beating me. Are they that much of a try hard?

Basically. It’s just trolling though. People do stuff they can get away with and then won’t think of anything logical and keep it moving.

Best thing to do is do your best on your first shot and if you lose to some scrubby shit, you get over it and just camp them out like they do to you. Almost everyone just sits in the corner and shoots projectiles nowadays. so if you have the life lead, let them come to you. There’s no point in running in there and getting punished badly when you’d be well off just waiting them out as they’ve probably been doing to you.

Its even more hilarious when a 300 pp player joins your lobby. You win no problem and rejoins over and over, as you proceed to remove him over and over he will send you hatemail accusing you of dodging.
Oh online play…

But honestly. I just fought a yun (And call me a hypocrite i suppose since i use him too) but this guy was scrubby as shit. He mashed dp every single blockstring to the point where i baited so many and punished. But anyway hes doing random fullscreen lunges and i get him with a jump back and proceed to combo which would’ve killed him. He lags, mashes dp, i die and lose the match…

I rage quit every time I play. I don’t feel like I’ve ended a session properly until I’ve induced an aneurism from raging so hard.

Rage quitting is retarded. People really need to get over themselves.

Turn on some soothing music and continue playing.

I tend to take every loss terribly, doesn’t really matter to me if I was on a win streak or not. The vicious cycle of “Getting Mad because I Lost and Lost because I’m Getting Mad” typically begins from Defeat #1.

I believe my ‘fuse’ has come to be so short now-a-days because for months I feel I’ve been sitting on a plateau.

<exec.sad violin>

losing streak = learning streak

Series of quality threads from you.

I disagree.

Honestly they caused me to feel a little bit of rage.

Ummmm, double sarcasm or couldn’t spot obvious sarcasm?

I agree that teching is extremely hard online, so I usually just mash dp if they try it too often. If they mash dp, just play footsie with them

5 streak?

I went on a 38 loss streak against this one dude… meh, shit happens.

If I’m losing repeatedly to one person, I get angry at myself, but I just accept it.

If I lose to multiple people, I’ll play something else, like Final Fantasy. >_>

Tech throws not coming out can make me turn from calm to burning with rage in an instant.

But I really vary when it comes to taking a loss. Some days I’ll be on a complete losing streak, but won’t really care or just switch to another character or something. Other times it deteriorates very quickly.

How many Gamefaqs type threads are you going to make?

What annoy me it’s those player that are quite good with basicly no PP . They have nothing to lose and everything to gain fighting you . Seriously if you want to fight me in a ranked match . Get to my rank or open a endless lobby.

That what happens also for everything you do in life.You have to earn it.

The famous player archeive high pp very quick for that same reason . They open an online session and let ppl know . Everyone want to fight them and they get farmed. Easy like pie.

How many GameFAQs type threads are you going to respond to?

The world may never know.

Don’t worry too much about PP and BP.

Unless you’re doing local competitions and EVO, etc. that’s just like a recommendation on a resume.

It’s just kinda “there” but it’s only from online play, so it can’t really be taken for much granted, when there’s many people who get their PP/BP off of lag exploits and other delays, etc.

Some great players still shine online, but I don’t think the points really matter that much to them.

Yes i don’t know how many i lost.
I was at 2700 pp and i went all the way down to 1800pp.

It began by losing to a great player (Balrog fyi, not nice vs my Gouken) so i played him some more and i kept losing, i couldn’t figure out how to get him.
Then i started to fight good Adon’s , Guys, Feurte’s. You know really annoying characters.

The most annoying thing was that my concentration had gone and i began to lose to people who only had 1000 pp / bp.

I ended up just stopping outright.
And i’ve since recovered my position.