Last Tune Up At The Games Skybox (CvS2, MvC2)

Another solid turnout from Sauga and Brampton before Christmas Countdown…

CAPCOM VS SNK 2 (9 Entrants)
1st - Poke Guy
2nd - Noodleman
3rd - Jiggabry
4th - Nagata Lock II
5th - DaDesiCanadian
5th - Krasshole
7th - Jikorocker
7th - Psychochronic
9th - Unforseenplague

MARVEL VS CAPCOM 2 (13 Entrants)
1st - Jiggabry
2nd - Dragon Punch
3rd - Mystic God
4th - Crayz Penguin
5th - Krasshole
5th - DaflipmastaXV
7th - Nagata Lock II
7th - Cito
9th - Snapout
9th - Psychochronic
9th - iJokeri
9th - Jikorocker
13th - Lord Magnus

GG’s to everyone today. Aside from the Hayvren/Poeta situation being a bit of a downer, it was a really fun tournament and jokes throughout the day.

Am I the only one who had an odd feeling going through a tourney without Gerjay? It just didn’t seem quite… right.

Hayvren beasted on everyone. It was good shit. Normal jump sent is crazyness.

Just a couple of personal notes…

Big props to Jason for breaking through his habit of choking in tournaments. He played very well against Matt, myself and Bryan on his way to Grand Finals. I’ll miss getting to play Jay on a regular basis after I move.

It was good to see Teddy. I hope he qualifies for the final 5 on 5 spot this coming Friday.

Tylor’s JD’ing is becoming something unto itself. I couldn’t believe some of the stuff he was pulling off today.

This is the last time I’m playing Matt in the first round of a tournament. Last month I got scammed and he was ranked lower than he should be so he could try to send me to losers. This time he was again ranked lower because he wouldn’t stop asking to play me. Both occasions have resulted in wins for me (though last month was a miracle) and this time he wouldn’t even shake my hand. I’m not dealing with this grudge match BS anymore.

Hayvren/Poeta was completely uncalled for on both sides of things. Poeta overreated to that whole situation. Hayvren has been known to talk a whole lot of shit and this was no different. It’s just a video game, it’s not worth getting pissed over or starting a fight over. As for Hayvren, while I’m big on shit talk myself, rubbing it in someone’s face over and over after the fact isn’t necessary and kills the idea of friendly competition. We’re all buds here on one level or another, we don’t need true heat between players.

Good luck to everyone next Saturday. It’s going to be a very big tournament from the looks of it and we’ll all need our A Game if we’re going to get very far in the brackets.

what happened

Hayvren pulled a knife on Poeta for beating him in Marvel. Poeta pulled out a katana. Then they had a duel to the death. Only the old change guy survived.

the feeling of death filled this tournament.

The short of it is Hayvren talked shit during LF against Poeta, Poeta didn’t like it, threw a bit of a tantrum and then got into heated words with Hayvren afterwards. It looked like a fight might break out but cooler heads prevailed and life goes on.

I see, so basically Poeta threw Bundy off the couch?

CvS2 rankings look right… but…

1st - Jiggabry
2nd - Dragon Punch
3rd - Mystic God
4th - Crayz Penguin
5th - Krasshole
5th - DaflipmastaXV

is a bit insane. Bry pwned all, that’s okay. Hayvren apparently beat Poeta in losers finals, but who let either of them into winners finals? Are these more accurate results since I wasn’t there? WTF? Who beat Teddy? James sucks. What happened to Matt?

Aside from my rampant slew of questions (does that phrase even make sense?), I would like to say that I finished like… 50 pages of studying. Yeah… that’s it. I probably could have went and not been behind at all. Looking forward to next week.

Uhh…here’s basically what happened.

I got seeded 4th for some reason, so I lost to Bry. Hayvren played Bry first round and lost…and pretty much beasted through losers, I lost my 5th place match to him.

Hayvren beat…Lord Magnus, Jerris, Drunken Cito, Me, James, And Poeta. I think. I only played 3 games, beat James, lost to Bry and Hayvren.

James went through losers, beat Matt after he lost to Poeta in winners semis, then lost to Hayvren.

It was the second tourney in a row that my first round opponent got an easier bracket in losers after I got raped by Bry.

Im probably off on a couple things, been studying all night and playing poker. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Don’t worry Teddy… 4th isn’t so bad. You always say you’re seeded last anyways. haha

Sounds like brackets were made so you wouldn’t have a chance in winners. Also, its always worse loosing second round to a top seeded player than first, bracket is almost always harder.

Brackets looked like this:

Bryan (1)
Hayvren (late entry)

Adil (8)

James (5)

Teddy (4)

Poeta (3)

Cito (6)

Jerris (7)

Matt (2)

The only point of contention in the rankings was whether Poeta would get the 3rd or 4th rank. After talking with Bry and James, we all agreed that with Poeta’s showings in the last few weeks combined with Teddy’s lack of showing for tournaments, it’d only be fair to give Poeta the 3rd rank. Teddy lost to Bryan in winners semis, not the first round or even 2nd round so I don’t know why he’s complaining.

On a related note, this is the last time I want to see myself get ranked below Adil or any other people that are apparently better than me but can’t hold it down come tournament time. I don’t rank very high but at least I’m coming 7th or 9th now as opposed to dead last so I should be moving up at least a little.

Hope that helps Gerjay…

Bryan (1)
Hayvren (late entry)

It sucks that hayvren came late, I think that more than anything, this one thing probably skewed the results.

Anyways, congrats on a tourney without me… haha.

PS… Bry should have beat noodlenoob, that is all.

I knocked teddy out. James beat matt. Then me and james played in loosers semi finals.

Once again, sorry poeta, i know i can get anoying at times, but thats just who i am. I’ve been talkin shmack since befor you started playing, and i’ll keep doing it, but I’ll be sure to cut down on it tho, and avoid trash talkin you all together. I do it for jokes, and if it makes you mad, its obviously not a joke any more. So yea, sorry.

On that note, please stop calling me a scrub behind my back. I know i’m a scrub, i mean fuck, i barely play marvel any more, and rarely do a combo with more than 5 hits, but if you have some thing to say to me, say it to me (like you did with my shit talking. you called me on it, and in retrospect, i respect that) I don’t like hearing people tell me you were cutting up my game behind my back.

Respects to every one who came. It was good to see most of the sauga crew again. Realy wish we coulda burned together, but thats just the way it goes.

I played 2nd match of the tournament then didnt get to play for 3hours =[

Not really an excuse but I just wanted to sleep by the time i got to play again.

He beat him 2 - 1 in winners semis

RC Blanka > * in Losers Finals.

I too would like to not be called a scrub anymore. :mad:

Remembers the match with Gerjay using the buttons and Bry using the stick

Never mind. :bluu:

heh, gg to everyone at the tourny, especially to tylor. I’m starting to understand more now how he plays, so next time i’ll come with a better showing!

actually Justin, blocked scissors -> Activate > *. I think everyone I played, except for you ate it at least once.

roll super

dhalsim > my whole team.