Last Week of Vanilla SFxT w/ Scramble Lobbies (On XBL) for New Video!


Since I couldn’t think of anything to make for Vanilla SFxT ending, I thought I’d do something with the only mode I haven’t done videos for and that’s scramble battles. Last night went pretty well from watching the replays, so I think I’ve got some good stuff. Feel free to join in around 1am/2am GMT (6pm PST, 9pm EST) on xbox live, and any matches that managed to get saved to my battle log will be watched for anything cool. I’ll leave the lobby open for the next 5-7 hours, so there’s plenty of time to hop on.

I am considering making a big video putting together everything I’ve gathered from today till Friday, but since yesterday’s clips are alot (and I’ll likely get a decent amount of stuff each day) I’m considering making a video each day with the best stuff. What do you guys think? Let me know, but either way I’ll still try and make a video at the end of the week even if I don’t do the daily videos.


Decided to go with the Day by day format. Day 1 of the Scramble Battle highlights will be up on my channel soon


I’ll look out for the vids :slight_smile: I actually really don’t like playing Scramble battle, don’t find it fun honestly. BUT, I’ll definitely give it a watch.


Day 1 is up:



New lobby going up soon-ish


New lobby for tonight (Wednesday) up now


Highlights from yesterday


Also, check this out



New lobby going up now (Thursday)


Really active lobby last night, so got quite a few clips



New scramble lobby going up right now (Friday), sorry for the late start.


Final Scramble lobby going up soonish (Sunday). Firday’s highlights going up soon, you should definitely look forward to this one


Day 4 is some hype stuff, trust me, check this one out:



And that’s all folks. Here’s the last vid. Big thanks to everyone who participated and I hope to see everyone continue to play in ver. 2013, and hope to see some of you on Daily Blast Season 3 perhaps :wink: