Last Wikipedia binge you went on


Wikipedia is not a site you visit everyday. But the days you do do it, its a fuckin quest for knowledge… about shit you didn’t even know you cared about.

I think most of us use it to look up stuff of comic characters, VG characters, and maybe other fiction stuff. I notice I’ll look for stuff about let’s say Wolverine or Conan character background, and then end up some place random like looking up King Arthur and Excalibur or some other random mess haha.

What was the last wikipedia binge you went on? And what are the randomest things you ended up looking up that you didn’t intend to when you first got on wikipedia?


The last Wikipedia outing I had was about two years ago, when I first stumbled upon the site.

The most random thing I ended up looking at was Harley Quinn babies…though I was intending to look it up. Thanks to Christ0pher and his avatar request, I had to learn more about it.


My friends were trying to find out who was the leading scorer in NBA history (which was kareem) and that lead to tons of other basketball shit we read.


I read about Nogger ice cream.


i actually do read wikipedia everyday lol. right now i have it opened to “louisse griffiths” bcuz i was looking at wiki for the show house and started looking up other shows/films that the actors had done which lead me to her, since she’s married to chase.


i don’t know about you but, I’m on Wikipedia pretty much constantly, like almost everyday. Its just full of treasure.


Man I go on wikipedia all the time and just sit and read and read and read!!

Longest time I spent pouring through articles is when I started reading about sex 3 years ago… they have everything on it!! Positions, styles, health safety… I mean really… there should be a limit to it. Like go to the ass article on wikipedia and theres a picture of some chicks asshole right there! I really think that it should be limited somehow because even kids access wikipedia.


I was actually on wiki yesterday,lol.

wiki is just like a online walmart. I went onto the site looking up Amazing Race season 13 some how lead me Amazing Race Asia that lead me to the host of Amazing Race Asia.

I don’t even know why I wiki Amazing Race in the first place.


:wonder: I’m also on Wikipedia just about everyday. I was just on Wikipedia reading up on Tony Tone Toni, Heavy D & The Boyz, Deee-lite and Pete Rock & CL Smooth before I came to SRK and saw this thread. I think my last major Wikipedia binge was reading through every series of Star Trek… dood!


I use it a lot!

Last time was to get information on MSG (the food additive)

It’s fun to go there to just read up on stuff. Like what are the laws
regarding “Fat Free” statements in foods as many of these products
are clearly not fat free etc.


Doomsday Events (Looking up info on Grey Goo and Hypercanes)
List of Unusual Deaths (Looking up the Demon Core and Byford Dolphin)


I’ve been on a nonstop binge for like two years

Last thing I randomly thought of looking at:

Development history of 2001: A Space Odyssey, followed by reading Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C Clarke’s works/bios in their entirety.


I try to avoid Wikipedia articles and look at the sources themselves, and if those lack legitimacy (as they often do) I’ll search for something that doesn’t.

Wikipedia needs to become non-existent. It’s the second most viral site alive, right behind Kotaku.


Everything being a link makes Wikipedia pretty annoyingly addictive. It’s not as maddening as TV Tropes, though.


I usually read up on pro athletes of the past that I didn’t get to watch growing up.


I got stuck in Power Rangers history for like 3 hours yesterday. I read all the season and then started youtubing them. I think a lot of 300 was inspired by power Rangers, a lot of the action scenes looked soooo similar.


Last night I decided I wanted to know more about Deadpool and his history. I read about Deadpool, went onto the Avengers, the swan, blind al, zeke, the messiah, etc, etc. Spent about 4 hours reading. :coffee:


For me its about things I liked as a kid that I want to get an indepth look on now. They tell you all kinds of crazy shit. Its one of the best sites out there. And best of all… it makes reading fun ha ha.

I’ll look up random mythology and rare animals (deepsea, that dragon thing from japan, etc.) i think the randomest for me was starting at wolverine and then finding my way to the sword excalibur.

what is the randomest unexpected linking you can remember? by that i mean you went to search for x and by the end of the day you found info/.interest in something totally unrelated.


**How about my dumb hind-parts was in a bar and “Rock the Casbah” came on. So I look up Casbah and go on a quest for knowledge like Malcolm X in Mecca right there on my cell phone looking up Casbah and all things related to it.

Sadly, I was drunk at the time and don’t remember a single thing I read about it.** :sad:


It is for me. :looney:

Whenever I want to check up on something I have yet to know more about or if I wanted to remember something I forgot in a series or a game, I’d head up right to Wiki and check. If I’m bored, I’d usually look up on some topics I have yet to know much about or if I wanted to know about some event - though, I’d probably look more in depth in other places after that to get a more general idea as well.

The last time I went through a loooong Wiki session was looking up on the mangas published on Shonen Sunday and Shonen Magazine. Damn, they got a huge as hell list!