Hey SRK, first post here, but i have been lurking around for a long time

I am Khao, I am French, I am the Lead Designer of an indie video game company: PIRANAKING
We have been working on LASTFIGHT, a Fighting/Brawling Game for some time
LASTFIGHT is based on a french comic named LASTMAN

Our main References are Final Fight, Street Fighter, Smash Bros and of course Powerstone !
Here is our very first Teaser, hope you like it


Looks interesting


I like the style, I’ll keep an eye on this.


Wow, that actually looks pretty good.


That looks amazing!


I really like what I am seeing.


Looks amazing! Can’t wait to see more gameplay videos.


Looks great, I like it. Excellent style.


That chick at the end has some humongous baganza’s.


The way it should be.


“Winners don’t do bad drugs” did most of the work selling me already. If the bird-priest is a playable character, then consider me a guaranteed customer.


Will this be on PC?


PC version soon?


This looks really good! What platform(s) is this releasing on?


Oh man, the fighting engine looks like Power Stone 1. A plus in my book.


Worth trying out.


Please don’t be casual please don’t be casual.


What do you mean? Are you concern that the game not offering competitive play? Just so you know any all forms of game be competitive. Your only limited by your I imagination


Wow, this looks incedible!


This game looks awesome, is it going to be for sale soon?